Longest .17HMR kill?


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Apr 23, 2011
Southeast PA
Title is self explanatory. I be seen bird kills out to 350 yards. What is your longest? What is the effective range?
I shoot squirrels at 275 to 300 yards but its not easy waiting for the wind to stop and the squirrel to hold still ;-)
I consider the effective range of the HMR on prairie dog to be inside of 150 yards. It can kill farther but you get a lot of crawlers...
I have shot farther, but the shot I am most inclined to brag about was 176 yrs, 12 mph cross wind. Measured with a Leica 1600 and Kestral. Rock chuck first shot. Yea. Savage 93, Horandy 17 gr
thats a heck of a shoot with a 17 in 12mph winds they dont like wind at all ;-}
Not really a kill, but i did have a fun shot using a buddies rifle by applying math on a blade of grass at 250 or so awhile back. This buddy had a 6.5-20x Leupold/Duplex reticle on his rig for lack of another scope. We were trying to get to the longest possible range with it and i developed a system for him using the plex post tips at 6.5 power where the subtension between x-hair and lower PPT becomes 4 MOA. Sighted in for 175 yds. 250 yds. is .9 of the way down to the PPT. After an unsuccessful coyote stand one day last season we though to take a shot at a wide grass blade stickin' out of the snow at 250. I wasn't sure what the hold was so my buddy says .8 down. So i hold for it and sure enuf miss just low. I then looked in the Butler Creek scope cap cover and saw it's supposed to be .9, and on that next shot hit the grass blade and it broke off. Thought that was a heckuva' fun shot...at least my kind of a rewarding long-ranger.

We have shot out to 400-450 on rocks and such with it using the tgt. turret.
thats a heck of a shoot with a 17 in 12mph winds they dont like wind at all ;-}

On of those situations where my shooting pardner's only comment on watching the shot was "your kidding me right, how did you hit that?" He had just taken a poke at it with a 223 minutes earlier and missed.
Iv had a 17 HMR rifle since it first came out. Most all of my shooting is at prairie dogs. I live in prairie dog country so when it gets windy I dont go or come home. When I first got the Cooper 57 M LVT rifle I tryed the 17 Gr bullet at various ranges. I wont clean kills when I shoot them at any angle so my limit on long range is about 150 yards. I have inspected a few p dogs shot at the 180-200 yard ranges but most got back into their holes so thats why I set the 150 yard range for myself. I use centerfire varmint rifles for shots past 150 Yds.
Just zeroed the new scope Wednesday loaded 4rds in mag to seer what group I could get when I fly lit.... Splattered him 100yrd
My longest 17 HMR kill was 300yrds on a prairie dog. 17grn v-max. 5-6 mph full value from the 6 o'clock. I had to shoot it twice to get it to stay down. No exits just two pencil holes.
Has anyone shot the Hornady 20 grain Game Points? I have a Savage 93r17 and it shoots the 17gr Vmax pretty well. However, it typically splits squirrels **** near in half.

I wonder what the 20 grain hollow point does. Anybody???
My longest kill was 191 yards on a crow. The 20 gr hollow points seem to hold together a little better than the 17s but not too much. The 20 gr FMJs work the best on anything you'd want to eat in my experience. But I can't find them anywhere except online.
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