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Mar 17, 2003
Madison ,ga
I have 3 416 rem mags two remingtons with 22" barrels and a winchester express rifle with a 24" barrel.I am wondering are the Barnes X bullets in 300gr,325gr and 350 gr the best bullets as far as bc and expanding at long distance.I have shot some 1" groups at 200yards with the winchester and speer 350 gr mag tip .This bullet is accurate but is low on bc abot .335.The Barnes are about .5bc.Has any body used these long range on big game such as moose?I use reloader 15.I have gotten 2500 fps with 410 gr woodleigh telephone poles .I have not shot any thing but the 325 gr barnes and I got 2800 fps.Has any body builds a long range .416 yet.My two Remingtons are 7.5lbs without a scope and have hs prec stocks.The kick alot less than the Winchester with wood stocks.I think the max loads for the 300 gr is close to 3000 fps .That is hauling but in that case.I wondered if a 416 ultra mag would be faster or not worth the trouble.Whats the biggest bullet for the ultra mag case can it take a 50bmg bullet?A 50 ultra mag Sendero or a 50 peacemaker weatherby accurmark would be nice.Just wondering

I know of no one who has built a real longrange rig for the 416.

You mentioned the problem when you said the "low BC" of the bullets available.
Add to that the poor selection of bullets compared to say a 30 cal or 338 and I'm sure you can see why the 416 has not been used for the purpose of LR hunting.

Sorry I can' help you to much here as I know nobody who has a LR 416 rig.


As an add on here.

If you can maintain 2500 Feet per second with a 350 gr 416 bullet with a .515 BC, it would take you 50MOA or 200 1/4 Min clicks to reach 1000 yards. This is more then twice the clicks needed for the same range with a LR rig in the 30 cal or 338 cal.
You also would have just 943 foot pounds of energy left at that range.

You do have a solid 500 yard rifle if it is shooting accuratly. Practice is the name of the game along with good optics.

Do you know Roy, the Wolf hunter? If so, tell him I said hello.


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I can get just over 2650 with 350 gr bullets that are accurate..I have shot plenty of groups under an inch at 100 and about 10 1.5" groups at 200.The barnes 350 gr x bullet is bc of.588.Would the faster 300 gr at almost 3000 fps be better.The 350 gr druops 42 " at 500 yards.I dont know the Wolf Hunter what part of Ak is he from.If I can make out to 500 yd kill on moose that would Alot of friends use 50 bmg but that is too heavy to tote far.I guess my 338-378 would be best with 300 serria bt
The 416 PGW might be what you are looking for based off the 408 Chey-Tac case. Ross could give some more info on it. I was wondering the same thing also check with Shakey about the 416 cal groove bullets don't know the weight or BC's on them but maybe higher.
Brent from ALASKA has a post on the board about his 416WTBY. using 400gr.Barnes x's to knock over stuff out to 800yds. or so.Check him out he seems to know.

I don't have any experience with the 416rem, just the 416wby. I use the 400gr XLC and need 24.5 moa to zero at 700yds and 31 moa at 800yds. That's as far as I've went with it as far as group shooting and making a drop chart goes. It shoots pretty **** close trajectory wise to the 308win of my sons. Add a few more clicks than the other flatter shooters, and with a good range determination they're dead meat!!

More power than the 308win way out there, but I still would limit myself to 1000 yards with it when I finish the drop chart on the 350 X bullet I'm working on. It's rolling along at just over 2900 fps if I remeber right, it's been a few months since I shot the **** thing now. The 300 Ultra has kept me preoccupied all winter.

Either the 300 or 350gr bullet will work fine, but beware, the Barnes BC's are BS! The 400gr XLC is running about .380 or something, again if I rememeber correctly. I have it wrighten down in my notes. It's just under .400, that I'm sure of. All the other Barnes have been way below the advertized BC's too, except the 168 XLC, it was real close.

I never have shot anything but A-Frames and X bullets in mine. The 400gr A-Frames did under 1.5 moa but never better, never worse no matter hat load with RL22 I used. I have two more boxes sitting here to try with RL25 and the Retumbo I just got. The BC is real close to the 400 Barnes.

I killed a fork horn moose a couple years ago at 640yards with the A-Frame, wind got me a bit and the bullet went through both front shoulders and exited though.

I finished my sons moose off at 200 yards the week before this and the bullet stopped under the hide on the far side after about 30" of penitration just missing the spine and through the shoulder blade. That A-Frame weighed 365gr and was a textbook mushroom at almost .800" diameter.
Brent do you think that the 350 gr is best or go lighter to 325 or 300 grain barnes.It is suprising what groups you can shoot with these big guns when you learn to roll with the punches.I only have a 3x9 nikon scope on my rifles.I can still shoot quik at 5 foot bears with that.It is hhard to have just one gun in Alaska .One place the tundra you can shoot 5 miles .The other place on the Tannana River timber bottoms 10 ft is a long shot.I love carring those light remingtons for moose and bears.They weigh 8 pounds scope loaded and all.I do want a stainless 416 rem mag will keep my eyes open for wimp who can shoot one.
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