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Aug 24, 2002
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Question for the experts:
Friend purchased a Rem 40X with a 29"HV barrel chambered in 6BR, Shehane Tracker stock, and a one piece base with 20 moa additional elevation. He needs a scope and rings and is thinking of a Leupold 8.5-25X Longrange with the 30mm tube. This is more than enough elevation for this caliber; however there maybe heavier calibers added later.Will ones cheek fit on the comb of the stock since the base is higher and the rings would also have to be high? Shooting will be off of a bench at prairie dogs. Would this setup still be alright for 100 yard shooting?? Or should the base be replaced or should a 1" tubed scope be used?
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It should be enough, however you can use Burris signature 30mm rings ($50 or less) that have plastic insert sleeves that go in the rings. On 30mm you must order the insert kit extra $12. They allow 0, +10, +20 MOA and reverse -10, -20 etc, by switching or adding the inserts. You can get them to fit any base, weaver, leupold etc. If concerned that is going to be a problem, then use them. However, that should not be a problem with the setup you described. With the 6BR he has to have a 1-8 twist to shoot the 90-107 VLds too. The BR comes in so many twists from 1-14 to 1-8 so which one he has will drive the train on what setup and bullet he goes for.

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