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Mar 14, 2011
I do a lot of mule deer ,whitetail, antelope and elk hunting and I'm trying to find the best caliber that will work for me, I do a lot of long range hunting. Right now I have a custom 300 rum that is a hammer, very accurate but to heavy for me to be carrying up big ravines,butes and mountains, it has a break on it and on my new build I'm going with out a break and I'm trying to get some advice on another caliber that would suit me for those big game animals and any advice on what parts I could order that would put me into a lighter rifle. Right now my rum weighs 12.7 lbs thanks for any advice
sounds like you have a round decided on, maybe you just need to have a gun built for you that is lighter.
sounds like you are going from one side of the coin to the other, maybe get a nice backpack and your hike will be more enoyable.
a lighter gun without a break? should shorten up you range a bit i would think.
How much lighter in weight do you want to be? From what you are describing, maybe the tried and true Rem 7mm Mag is the way to go. Great choice of bullets and ammo, delivers a punch, and most can shoot it w/o a break.
I plan on shooting 500+ yards if needed with it. My plan is a 7and a half pound gun, I'm considering a 7 wsm what are your thoughts on that.
7 WSM 7 Rem mag, no difference. The short action will gain a few ounces. I went 270 WSM in a rifle that weighs 8 lbs with a Nightforce 2.5-10. Better bullet selection with 7mm, but enough really good bullets available for the 270 to hunt anything. I wanted adequate ability to shoot elk at 700 yards or so, and minimize recoil so I wouldn't need a brake. I have been nothing but happy with this rifle. It has also proven accurate enough to take numerous marmots at ranges out to 600 yards.
Doing a light rifle without a brake I would not go bigger than 7mm, but I don't like heavy recoil in a light rifle.
I recommend the 7 Rem Mag. I have 2. I really chewed on building a 7 WSM but 2 builders said they are a bit harder on barrels. I'll take a pic of mine that I just built and post it. I plan on shooting out to 1000 yards with it if need be.

Stiller Predator Action
Jewel trigger at 1 pound
700 Bottom metal
McMillan stock
26" Krieger #4
Talley integral mounts
NF NXS 5.5x22x56 zero stop, MOAR, 1/4 adjustment

168 Berger VLD seated 0.010 off lands
73 gr Retumbo
Win brass (new)
Fed 215 match primer

If I could do anything different, I'd go for the McMillan EDGE stock which is lighter.

Here's a pic of my 4 new rifles

A 280AI would be a serious contender for me now that is has been "officialized". Just a little better performance vs. 270wsm in same bullet weight generally speaking, but probably not enough to make enough difference. That's when keeping bullets to a 140 grains.

If you want to go beyond that a 270WBY, or a 300WSM in 165 gr pill is the max I'd like to take that I think would still do the job.
That's a nice looking group of rifles, but your camera musta done one of those turn-the-image-around jobbies. The bolts are all on the wrong side!

For longest range shooting with the 270 WSM the Matrix 165 gr VLD is said to have an actual G7 BC of .337, or a G1 of .659. This is identical to the BC of the 180 gr Berger Hunting VLD. I've shot several hundred of the Bergers out of my 7 Rem mag this summer, at ranges as far as 1380 yards.
When I get the chance to really wring them out, I intend to give the Matrix a serious try.
That's a nice looking group of rifles, but your camera musta done one of those turn-the-image-around jobbies. The bolts are all on the wrong side!
yea, lucky me, right handed, left eye dominant.

The 270 and 280 are identical other than barrels. Both are Stiller TAC 300 actions, Jewels, McM Edge stocks, and the 270 has a Krieger, the 280 a Shilen.

280/Shilen shoots great. Not enough time with 270 yet. Just got those 2 in early October.
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