Long Action 7WSM or RSAUM Repeater

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  1. blygy

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Hi guys... I am considering jumping on the 7MM band wagon and getting either a 7MMX300WSM, a 7MM WSM or a 7MM RSAUM.

    I will shoot 180 to 200gr bullets and would like to use a long action repeater.

    What mag system would work.. any of the RUM based mags?? Any feeding issues that need to be addressed??

    I think this will be my first Remington based project.. I have used Savages up until now simply for ease of barrel swapping and such..

    Any thoughts or advice??

  2. MontanaRifleman

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    May 21, 2008
    I would definitely not do one in a SA, so your heading in the right direction. The 700 LA is longer than needed but should work fine. It's used for the RUM cartridges which are very close in diameter to the WSM's. The WSM has a sharper shoulder than the RUM, 35 vs 30. Best thing to do is get an opinion from your smith and find out if he's done many WSM's.

    The Howa action is about 3.57" long and a 700 about 3.71". The WSM is about 2.1" long which gives you about 1.4" of bullet nose clearance and with some of the longer bullets, you might need up to 1.2"

    I find this web site very handy for making case comparisons and judging what case will work in what action.