7WSM...long action or short action?

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  1. hmbleservant

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    Nov 14, 2010
    I'm driving myself crazy contemplating this question! I've heard that short actions are "stiffer" creating a more accurate rifle. How much more accurate are we talking? Also, if I do go short action and practically give up the 180's then do I at least get the full potential of the 168's (VLD's)? In other words can I seat the 168's out as far as I need to to get the full potential of the bullet and still have a gun that feeds reliably? 162 amax?

    There are plenty of people going the long action route and I'm not scared that I can make a "bad decision". But what is my best option for a long range hunting rifle (+or- 1000yards)? I figure that the accuracy of my rifle will be the limiting agent here for longest distance that I can ethically take animals (no bigger than texas hillcountry whitetails), so, 168/162's are probably perfect anyway since they are better for wind/elevation/barrel length requirement/recoil/cost than 180's out to 1000-ish, right?

    And finally, I have been noticing in all my research that some folks beleive in accuracy nodes for bullets. What are the nodes for these three bullets?
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    Jul 29, 2004
    Just an opinion , but I think the 7 WSMs are better suited for the lighter bullets. (150grains
    and down because of case capacity).

    If I were going to build something for long range using 160+ grain bullets in 7mm I would go
    with a 7mm rem mag, 7 STW or even the 7mm RUM for the big fast bullets.

    These calibers would require a long action. But the 7 WSM is perfect for a short action.

    I have also built them on the Model 7 and the 673(They are shorter than the standard short
    action and work very well)

    When you use the heaver bullets it does start encroaching on powder capacity.

    I have no doubt that they will shoot 1000 yards but velocity will suffer and different conditions
    will effect the overall performance of the round.

    Go with a short action because of balance and overall length of the rifle (Not the accuracy)
    because they are no more accurate than the long actions.

  3. geargrinder

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    Nov 6, 2006
    Go with a long action so you can seat the bullet where you want, without cramming it into the case, and still be a repeater without an extended mag box.

    They work very well with the heavier bullets when you're able to maximize the amount of powder.