Loadbase or Exbal?


Oct 8, 2009
Not this again right? I've read through several threads in searches and still can't make a decision.

Just starting out and want programs for a laptop and a handheld (axim x30).

If you were starting over which would you pick and why?
Not this again right? I've read through several threads in searches and still can't make a decision.

Just starting out and want programs for a laptop and a handheld (axim x30).

If you were starting over which would you pick and why?

Quietmike, you need to do a search on this topic which has been beat to death. Your question is a valid one of course and the answer would be similar
to, if money is not an option, "What rifle scope to get, a Bushnell or a NightForce?".

I have for years now, used both programs in my PDA, I do not have Exbal for the PC but do have PC and PDA versions for LoadBase.

I have spent hours + hous + hours playing with a variaty of ballistic programs out there through out the years, and my number one choice is LoadBase 3.0 and would be for anyone else that has ever used it.

Why LoadBase? that's where you would have to do a search since it's a long answer... kind of.

One of the reasons I'm still using Exbal is because many times friends using
factory ammo will tag along on a hunt and Exbal has a data base with a bunch
of factory ammunition info which I use to help them know where they are when shooting their rifles. Usually these folks won't shoot longer than 300-400 yards.

LoadBase 3.0 instead gives you a humongous data base of bullets, powders, reloading info. etc. that'll turn other ballistic programs purple of envy.
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Exbal, if nothing else for the reticle tool it has that I have not seen anyone else have.

Let's see what LoadBase has:

Graphical representaltion of 40 reticle styles that will automatically be ready for you to use regardless of which reticle is your choise and what load data you use.

Something like:

I'll put a plug in for Patagonia Ballistics Loadbase programs, I do not own Exbal because when I was at this place asking this question Loadbase 3.0 was the answer.
You have to check the software needed for the Axim, I run mine on a Axim 51 and it is excellent.
With Loadbase 3.0 you get both the desktop and mobile versions for the money and now they can share data. I have yet to use that function, maybe Eaglet has.
Loadbase 3.0 is a powerful tool, you don't tweek the numbers to get the right corrections you should however go through the steps to get your true BC and drag which is in the program and using that and a crony you can input your correct numbers, I have found that they are real close any way but why not be dead on.
Runs on g1 or g7, has a huge data base on both desktop and mobile.
You can save different tracks and different targets.
Patagonia ballistics also listens to there customers, a few guys on this site give input and then you get updates making the program more effective. Excellent customer service !!!!!!
The list could go on.
QuiteMike, I have used both Exbal and Loadbase, I second everything Eaglet and BignGreen said, without doubt Loadbase is my choice. It will run perfectly on your Axim X30, I use it on an OLD Axim X5 that's right an X5 (not an X50), and it runs perfectly. Plus in addition to having a huge reloading database built in (per Patagonia, not to replace reloading publications) you can store all of your own reloading data! This is what initially tipped the scale for me, (before I realized how comprehensive the ballistics are) you can even store images of your targets to go with the load data.

As BignGreen say's they listen to their customers. Patagonia customer service is second to none. I initially loaded it on my Desktop PC, but I had trouble with just a couple of features so I emailed PB, and within the hour they got back to me!!! We emailed back and forth a few times that evening, yes the same day, and determined that it was some outdated or corrupt software on my PC. PB asked if I could try it on another computer, so I loaded it on my laptop and it runs perfectly! So it is obviously a problem with my Desktop PC, but PB did not stop there, they had me send them some trace error data and continued to work on the problem for several day's even contacting Microsoft to try and figure out what is wrong with my PC!!! Now that is customer support!!

Although it is very comprehensive it is still easy to use, you have the OPTION to use the more complicated features (like multiple wind zones, Coriolis, Spin drift etc) or you can simply toggle them off. I used Exbal first and liked it, but Loadbase is definitely the way to go. The price for the desktop and handheld is about the same for both Exbal and Loadbase, but you get a whole lot more with Loadbase, not the least of which is fantastic customer support.
Re: LoadBase 3.0


Customer support from Patagonia Ballistics is top notch. They support the user of their software, and are genuinely interested in ensuring customer satisfaction.

The features available above and beyond the standard ballistic program features are too numerous to identify and discuss here. Eaglet is very knowledgable on LoadBase and has been an informative source of information covering the features and uses of LoadBase on this Forum.

Did I mention excellent customer support? I was exchanging e-mails at 4:30 AM in the morning Argentina time with Patagonia, receiving information and user support. LoadBase was developed and is supported by a fella with a genuine interest in exterior ballistics, who is an avid hunter and user of the software himself. Very knowledgable and helpful.
QM- sounds like you made up your mind but I can't resist another plug for Load Base. I too have used exbal. I gave it away (exbal) after I used load base. If you wanting to stick with the sport and get more in depth with your shooting ther's nothing better and more robust! There is yet another up date coming down the line for those of us who own s copes that have click values that are not as advertised. Gus just keeps making this program better and better. He getting so far ahead of all the rest with these details I can't see how anyone else making software similar to his will ever catch up.
jmason, I have a rifle with a Leupold scope that has Leupold installed target turrets. The click value is not correct on the scope. Since Loadbase allows you to enter/edit the click value to whatever matches your scope, I did so and then exported to an excel spreadsheet and quickly made a drop chart that matches my scope. But you say PB is coming out with an update for this? That's great!!!

quietmike, you will not be disappointed with Loadbase, it also has many other features that we have not even touched on in this thread.
The update has been released!! The tables didn't go right when I copied it though........

Dear Customers,

As part of our commitment to provide the best possible customer experience, this email is to provide download link and setup instructions to get the last update to the LoadBase 3.0© Mobile edition.

-This update will take your program to version check current version by tapping on the "About" button of the Main screen)

WARNING : be sure that your device has at least 30.0MB of FREE PROGRAM MEMORY (internal RAM, not memory card) before running this installer. If in doubt check your current Memory's setting. After a successful install all the memory's resources used by the installer will be released free.

This update incorporates the following additions:


·Shoot!/Range Est

-New Target Range reassign checkbox. If enabled, the Estimated Range is sent to the Fire Solution.

·Shoot!/Fire Solution & Results/Angular

Besides the usual linear units (inches or centimeters), and the angular ones (MOA, IPHY or MRAD) there is the option to select between Clicks (CLK) or Turret (TRT) units to adjust the scope.

The best way to understand the CLK and TRT output is to check the following example, based on a magnum cartridge at 1000 meters (1094 yards)

Consider a scope with a turret that adjusts in "1/4 MOA per Click" and another one that adjusts in "0.1 MRAD per Click".

·Turret with 1/4 MOA adjustments

SEE TABLES IN "eaglet's" next post

Installation steps :

1) Download (SAVE) the installer ( 3.48 MB ) from the following link.


2) Save the installer file to your PC (LoadBase3_Mobile_Program_Update.exe)

3) Connect your Windows Mobile Device to your desktop PC.

4) If it's running, close LB3M by tapping on the "OK" button of the Main Screen (after tapping on all "X" by open module, if any)

5) Execute the LoadBase3_Mobile_Program_Update.exe installer from your PC's hard disk.

6) When the installation is over, please perform a manual "soft reset", which is always a sound procedure.

7) When done, you are ready to go!

When in doubt on how to perform an operation or using a feature, please check the online Manual.


Patagonia Ballistics
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