Load Help Needed?!?...300 Win Mag: 210 Berger VLD


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Apr 19, 2008
I need a load for suggestions of some where to start. I have a lot of H1000 but I'm not against buying different powder.

Any advice helps.
I use rem brass, 78.5 gr of H1000 and fed 215 primers. They are seated to mag length. This is a great load for my rifle, you might want to start around 77 and work up.
You may want to start even lower than that. Berger's max is 76.2 gr and I was getting pressure signs there. I ended up backing it off 0.5 gr for 75.7 gr and about 2900 fps out of a 26" barrel .
I have used this load for several on my 300 wins and a few for friends. I usually use 77 gr of H-1000 and a 210 VLD. But just last week while working up a load for a friends Sendaro , 77 gr was to HOT. I backed off to 75 and all seems fine, but I may drop another 1/2 gr for a safety margin. So from now on I will start at 74 gr. I start with them .005 or .010" in the lands and work back .005" at a time. The last two 300 wins have been very happy at .010" off the lands.

I got my load info from Broz. Our load is a little different though.

We were loading 75.5 grains of H1000, .005 into the lands with WW Brass. This load shot well.

We recently changed to RWS brass. To our surprise, 75.5 grains we were getting a sticky bolt! We lowered it to 74.0 grains and this load is extremely accurate. ES is also very good, 6-8 ES over 10 shots.
Some are listing online that they are up at 80grs with H1000. But it seems the norm is somewhere around 76 here for a max.

What are the fps for these loads?
I think if you back the bullets back a bit on the hotter loads you might see pressure come down. Had some .300 win mag leave powder marks on the case rim with not other signs. Back the bullet down .010 and no more pressure. This was with r22. H1000 doesn't seems to be affected by temp too much.

No sticky bolt though but round were loaded way way out and neck sized.
77.9 grains of H-1000 in RWS brass, 2975 fps out of my Ruger M77 MkII/trued action, Shillen barrel, H-S Precision stock, bedded, floated, Murphy Precision 20 MOA rail.
I been shooting 180gr Sierra 79.4gr h1000 getting 3458fps but after 700yrds I have noticed the bullets gets the wobbles. So I'm going to a heavier bullet and have heard much good talk about the 210gr
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