300 Win Mag: 200 Accubond or 210 Berger VLD?


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Apr 19, 2008
I recently had a 700 rebarrled with a Lilja 26" 4-Contour 3Groove 1/11" Twist barrel.
I'm shooting 200gr. Accubonds at 2900fps with really good accuracy. I killed two Pronghorns this year with it one at 300yds and the other at 610yds(Longest Kill).

I can fit the accubond in my magazine with room while being .010" off the rifling. Should I try the 210gr. Berger to gain any advantage that bullet would give over the Nosler?

Thanks in advance. Just looking for experience and insight.
What do you plan to hunt with it?

I know the 200AB is great on everything up through elk. I'll leave it to those with more experience to vouch for the VLD on elk-sized game.

Is the AB close to maxing out your magazine? Given what I've read about getting the VLDs to shoot accurately if you can't seat them out where they need to be to get accuracy you don't have the option of seating them to mag length and expecting reasonable performance.
I have been shooting 210 VLD's in my 300 wby/.330 neck for a long time. I can't load to the lands and fit the mag, so for a long time I loaded two different lengths. I finaly got sick of it. I did a pretty extensive test shooting both long and short. I shot seperate groups, I shot them into the same group, I chronographed them, and for the life of me I can't see any difference. Now the gun weighs around 10 pounds and I don't use a brake, so maybe in theory it will shoot better loaded into the lands, but not in practice.

Now, my comp guns....no competition......jamed shoots better.

The only worry I have about loading into the lands is that I don't use much neck tension and I have had bullets stick in the lands when I try to eject loaded rounds......so be carfull!!!

Good luck.
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