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Nov 15, 2001
How do you decide that I'm now official a long range shooter? I don't want to brag to other shooters that I'm expert long range shooter. Can I put, say five 10-inch balloons and plant them at 1500 yards and made 4 out of 5 shots, call myself a LR shooter? Or it has to be live animals? Or it takes years to reach a good LR shooter? I know there are several level of Class in pistol competition. From the lowest to the highest: Marksman, Sharpshooter, Expert and Master.

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Hello Denny

I don't think you can class anyone as to their level of expertness in the LR hunting or shooting sport.

As long as you are shooting further then the ordinary shot is made, that could be longrange for you. Whatever you are comfortable with and your equipment allows you to shoot is the longrange level you are at.

Some of us have shot for years in 1000 yard compitition and made shots on animals from 1000 to 2100 yards and further. I don't consider us to be anything other then LR shooters/hunters.
I think maybe the equipment you use could determine what sort of Longrange shooter you are.
To add some humor here, lets classify some LR shooters as per range.

1. A longrange shooter---From 500 or 700 yards to 1000 yards
2. An Extreme longrange shooter/hunter from 1000 to 2000
3. An Unreal Longrange shooter/hunter from 2000 yards on.

Lets just place all of us in one catagory and say we are ALL Long-Range shooters and I think that will cover all the bases.
Your fellow hunters and LR shooters know what type LR hunter you are by the shots you have made over the years.

Darryl Cassel
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