Leupold i think might be broke. any thoughts on my problem?


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Aug 18, 2009
outside Houston, Texas
ok i have a leupold vxII 3-9x40.
last night i was shooting at 350yds and nockin 2in groups. the scope seemed a lil out of focus so i loosened the adjustment ring and started to focus it. when i started to adjust it i noticed that it has alot a free play in it and just wobbles. when i looked thru the scope and started wigglin it i notice that the crosshairs are jumping all over the place as i wiggle the knob. like if i move it to the left the crosshairs would go right. so i didnt thnk anything of it and focused it and tightened the securing ring back up to shoot again. i started shooting at the same target and couldnt even hit it. so im thinkin that the play that was in the focus changed the zero when i changed the focus. im not a expert but im sure that if you focus a scope the point of impart shouldnt change to where you miss a 10 inch plate at 350yds as well as im sure that the crosshairs arent supposed to move and have play in the adjustment.
is this common in scopes or should i send it back and have it fixed. i emailed leupold but havent got a reply back yet.
I would call Leupold Cust Service and talk with them. Safe bet it will need to be sent in for service.
yeah i managed to finnaly get someone to answer the phone and the service rep said it wasnt supposed to be doin that and to send it back to get it checked. sucks because i was right in the middle of fine tuning some handloads for it.
The only good thing is Leupy's customer service ranks with the very best, and their turn-around times are usually pretty short. At least you won't have to pay to purchase a replacement scope.
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