Large case ammo wallets


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Oct 4, 2008
SW Montana
What is everyone using for the large Lapua and RUM size cartridges as an ammo wallet? Everything I have found barely fits my 300 WM.

I know a guy that makes some. I believe other on the site has bought them.
He makes them for the Edge and 408 cases.
here are some pictures:
the case in it is a 7 rem mag with a 160 accubond seated to neck junction. It is actually the one for the RUM cases. My brother uses it for his 7 RUM.

All folded u, uses tuck flaps instead of Velcro.

Here is one for a 308, or WSM

If you want his contact info let me know.

I got one at wholesale sports that slides on your belt. it unsnaps and folds down with a capacity of 10 Rounds but works well. Not sure how it would work with Lapua's, they're a little wider. It barely fits 10 of my 300 RUM cases. It's suede leather and reddish brown in color.
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