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Jun 13, 2007
Keepin\' it simple

Hi all, I'm new here and have been checking out the site. Pretty cool stuff. My friend turned me on to this forum during a conversation about bullet choices.
I am looking for your oppinion on a choice of two bullets to shoot out of my Rem VLS in .308 win. I bought the gun intending to shoot deer a reasonably long ranges and furry critters as far as the scope will allow.

I was thinking the Sierra 165gr gameking for the deer (that might change to the 168gr matchking) and something else for the critters.

What bullets would you all reccomend and why.

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Re: Keepin\' it simple

Well.. the 308 is so far my favorite cartridge.. but I havn't shot the new 300 RUM yet...

The bullets I have used from just about everything out there (except the new hornady's) the sierra's ( 168 SMK's ) and the Nosler J4 competition work the best. I shot a couple of Deer this year with the J4 and it worked flawlessly. exit wound at 80 yards was about 2"
My rifle just seems to like them. I wouldn't hessitate to use the SMK's or the Noslers in your rifle if it likes em.
I know there ar some guys here who have used the a-maxs with good results as well....

to each his own.. just gotta be accurate....
Re: Keepin\' it simple

I would stick with the heaver bullets like 168 SMK or the Amax for long range varmints I use the 300g SMK in my 338 yogi and 140g Amax in 6.5-284 for varmints. I got a Pdog in Wyomiong last year at 1042 yards with the 6.5-284 and a crow in Mi with the 338 yogi at 950 yards.
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Re: Keepin\' it simple

Let me ask this. Is there any reason that I should switch to the 168 gr smk? The 165gr game king will do the accuracy sufficient to dump deer at the ranges at which there is still the energy to do so. Outside of those ranges is reserved for coyotes and rock chucks. Yes, we should go for a clean kill but it is less critical on these vermin.

Or is the accuracy so much better at the longer distances that I should switch over to the smk for deer? Is trading bullet construction for accuracy potential a better choice?

Lastly, why shouldn't I go up to the 180gr family of game and match king bullets? Shouldnt the higher BC of these rounds give superior performance at longer ranges?
Re: Keepin\' it simple

For dual purpose, I would suggest the 155gr AMax. Have shot very accurately in several of my rifles and stays accurate in my 308 to 1500yds (ran out of scope adjustment or else could go further). This bullet will be more then adequate for deer at long range. Penetration results on your other post.

My favorite "hunting" bullet is the 165SST. Amazing BC and very accurate. Either of these will suit your needs beautifully.


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