Jump off problem s for the new guy!!


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Nov 21, 2012
Hey everyone, new to this site at least to posting a thread. I am from north eastern WY on a ranch north of Aladdin. I was hopeing that you all could help me with a little problem I have with a custom gun i just got. It is a 700 REM chambered in 7mm STW, with a match grade 26" Shillen match grade barrel 1-9", jewel trigger, holland muzzle brake, and HS precision stalk. I am currently just starting to develop a load for the rifle with nosler brass, 180 grain berger vld's and 75g of retumbo powder. Here is where my problem comes in, with my original load I am getting just below .75" groups at a hundred. My real problem is the jump to my lands which is .1725" because of the size of my magazine. Should I start upping my powder charge and find my rifles favorite load from the total shell length my rifles magazine allows or run them to the lands and back off .003" at a time until I find where the sweet spot is. Accuracy over speed is my goal and .75" groups just aren't going to cut it. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate them. Thanks Clay.

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