Javalina Hunt Jr. Style


Jun 13, 2009
Hello everyone,
I usually do not post (usually just read all the new long range stuff from you pros) but I have a bit of braggin' to do.

This past weekend my son and his buddy (both 12) were on their Jr. Javalina hunt here in Arizona. We started the day by wading across the wash we usually drive across... So with boys in tow guns packs and all the necessary equipment for a day hike off we go. We start glassing the bottoms and we assume it to be a lone Boar (usually the case when only one Javalina) about 150 yards... Of course both boys get over excited and make to much noise... Into the brush and gone... So as dads we sit them down and explain the unwritten rules of hunting we friends... After the discussion we decide to split up. My son and I start hiking up the mountain to a bowl that is known to have plenty of pigs and they head to another known heard. Well as our luck would have it we top out and sit down on the rocks to glass and take a breather when several pigs bust out 20 yards from us... within seconds the big ones are 180 yards up the mountain looking back at us we set up on sticks and my son takes a shot... (.243 1/8t 105 gr) Missed... (Buck fever) as it turns out another had stopped at 116 yards as i'm trying to settle him down for the shot... Boom 116 yard shot on the way and perfect hit (High shoulder) dropped the Javalina in its tracks. Within minutes my son says dad I just heard a shot... (I heard nothing) Well My sons hunting partner had just shot a pig as well... 292 yards down hill with a .270.... 292 yard shot for a 12 year old in my book is awesome (not taking anything away from my sons shot at 116 yards which is super). The best part was both boys gutted and packed out the kills... Sweet i guess they are on their own from now on...

I would also like hear how other Jr. hunters have done thus far...

Thank you for the great reading I have learned plenty from you all...

that is an awesome report. great shooting and a good time. bet it was dryer than at my house. roninflag
292 yards is a good shot regradless of age in my book! A DRT at 116 for a 12yr old is also an awsome shot! Congratz to both.

I love hunting pigs, just today saw a javelina hunt on Versus and looked like they're a blast to hunt!

I'm only 16 myself, longest kill so far has been a hog at 260yards. Have killed paper out to 1k, and am hoping to get a yote or pig out there in the spring. Till then it's just practice, practice, practice.

Again, congrats to both of em!

Congrats on the kills. It was probably pretty exciting to see your sons shot those pigs. I get a kick out of my 6yr old trying to shoot chipmunks with open sights. He gets pretty darn close to'em. He is a real killer with my .22LR. Set him up on the bi-pod and anything within 100yrds is hit. Love watch him shoot. Thanks for the story.

Specially for having succeed in the process of educating a child and making him enjoy and appreciate hunting with you. That is priceless!!!
Good shots both of them.
I will try to get my little girl into hunting as well.gun)
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