Dave King style hunting trip

Len Backus

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May 2, 2001
Dave King loves to drive long distances to hunt stuff. Here's the story of my version of a Dave King trip.

Two and a half days ago (Tuesday) at noon noon I left in my car for Limon, Colorado. Stayed at a hotel overnight in Nebraska, arriving at my Colorado destination Wednesday noon. At 2 PM I went out to sight in my rifle. The hunt had been scheduled to start the next day. But as I returned from sighting in, the outfitter was waiting and he offered to get me out hunting right then...had to hurry to get the rest of my stuff ready. After one hour in the field I already had my deer down. I slept there that night and left for home an hour and a half before dawn this morning. Just got back minutes ago at 10 PM on Thursday night.

2,200 miles round trip in 60 hours. How's that, Dave? I do look a little tired in the picture, though, don't I?


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I don't envy your drive there and back but, you got a fine buck. Congratulations

Driving to and from the west is the worst part for me.

I would rather hop on the big siver bird and have someone else take my equipment out with them.


36.66667 mph average and a real nice buck to boot...gotta love those high speed trips!!!

I'll have you hooked before long... next you'll be in Alaska on a straight through drive
.... Future hunting reports from Len. ---- 39 mph, a moose, grizzly, sheep and two speeding tickets wooo hooo
Off to Costa Rica for fishing now... hoping for 41 mph and a nice Marlin, chat again in 3.6 days.

Limon, CO is an interesting place isn't it. When I went through last time (elk season) I stopped in a small gas station for fuel (windy as hell)... Asked the owner how long it had been that windy... "Started about noon." was his answer, short but to the point... I then asked him where it came in from (expecting a compass direction to link to a possible weather change)... He looked at me for a short moment (like a teacher to a 'slow student') and said "Probably Kansas!!!"...

Sweet.... looks like a typical High Desert Mulie.. very,very nice!


One thing you gotta remember about people in the west.. they arn't real concerned with complicating things... real similar to the K.I.S.S. method ( keep it simple stupid )

this gentleman you happened to talk to .. obviously was very simple!

Second thing to remmeber.. it isn't if it will be windy... it is How windy will it be!
Dave--I probably stopped at the same gas station in 1996 on a family trip. Exxon i think--with a little hoagie shop in it and a scary toothless gray haired woman.

neat place--was excited to get thru it and on to CO springs.


That is the Leica Locator Plus. It ranges out to about 4,400 yards. Includes a 7 power binocular.

My buck's range was just a chip shot...366 yards.
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