I've located them. Now what?


Jun 5, 2012
Pinetop, Arizona
I'm pretty new to calling coyotes, and haven't had any success yet. Today I found what seemed to be a perfect spot. some very large sagebrush draws, small cedar covered ridges, plenty of good places to stay hidden and look out over large areas backed by forest. Start calling, after about 5 min I hear a pack howling from pretty far away. Hit the call again, doesn't seem to phase them so I decide to try and get closer to them. Set up again, start calling, but this time their howls seem a lot farther away. Is there a trick to get in closer? Or is there a calling technique that will bring them in? Or is it just bad luck? How far will a hand call carry?
I don't think they caught wind, because it was in my face. Its possible they seen me move, but I figured they were so far off and I had some good cover i could get away with it. You think I should have just stayed put and kept calling?
Thats what I would have done. Maybe some of the pro callers on here could chime in with better local knowledge. . Are you rifle or shotgun hunting? What call were you using. ?? Were you able to see down wind. ?
Try some howling. Challenge howls, invitation howls. Not too much barking.
I've had them howl quite a bit at my rabbit distress but I didn't know to howl at them and they hung up way out of sight. Howling will break them loose.

When they howl, they are communicating. Its handy to be able to communicate back to them.
In the locations where there is frequent attempts by bunches of people to do the calling the thing, yotes have figured it out. That my be what is going on in your case at that location.

I've experienced this many times. In fact I can set up the caller in my back pasture behind the house a about 200 yards and will get several groups of yotes to howl at the same time.

They won't come to the typical mouth blown distress call. Frustrating!!!

I'm not talented enough to use a howler except for a locater. I don't understand their language.:rolleyes:

I use a cobbled up VarmintAL Radio Shack 5W amplifier, metal horn speaker and iPod with the 16 and 20 minute sequences. These seem to have enough different sounds that seems to increase the success rate.

I'd mix up the call sounds a bit. But the more they are called and not shot the more they are educated.:rolleyes:
haha I love the website!! You guys are awesome!
I've considered getting a howler, guess I'll give it a try. Sounds like fun, just getting them to answer is exciting for me. Thanks again for the tips!
Hopefully my ICOtec 300 will be here in the mail tomorrow or the next day. Where I am there is lots of black spruce areas where visibility is 20-30 yards at best. But along the powerlines there is visibility so I will be putting the caller out as far as I can and using my mouth calls for adding to the mix .. Eventually I want a Wildlife Technology or FoxPro that comes loaded with Snowshoe Hare and use it or add it to the mix. The Sceery s.s. hare call is a closed Reed call so it freezes up pretty quick. I almost have the call duplicated with the Tally Ho, The Little Dog white works pretty good at duplicating it and the PeeWee works pretty good with the custom horn on it. . Anyway being divers in your calling can only help. I think too many guys are too impatient. . . Don't wait long enough. .
Try having a buddy move away and howl at your from 500yds or so away, have a little conversation between the 2 of you with challange howls! This might just get them thinking 2 dogs looking for territory are about to go at it for there's. Then one of ya shut up and the other starts a KiYi.
That's is also good sound advice on the pup in distress! But be ready for a full on charge! I have had them run all the way around the caller and then stop 100yards away to look back at what is howling and barking at them (me)! Its a rush that's for sure!
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