Is it safe? Is it nuts?


Aug 22, 2009
I've just suffered a serious leg injury, and will be withering away in bed for about three months.

I'd love to be able to keep up some trigger practice and thought it might be nice to shoot
an air rifle in my bedroom.

But who in their right mind wants lead contamination in their bedroom?!

Does anyone KNOW if air rifles emit much lead from the muzzle?
Do the projectiles emit lead upon impact with fairly soft targets?

I don't yet know what I'd use as a target, but trapping the pellets and fragments
seems like an important consideration in this case.
I'm sorry to hear about your leg! I wish you a quick recovery. As far as the air gun is concerned, I would use a low power rifle. There will not be enough lead spatter to amount to anything. You are going to have to shoot 1000 to 5000 rnds a day to really amount to any poisoning. Another option could be a CO2 pistol and shoot BB's. They are copper. At far as a target, I would find a box, or someone find you a box and fill it with magazines or newspapers. No pass through guarantee as long as it is filled tight.

Another option is using a revolver. They use to make, and not sure if they still do, but it is a plastic casing with a plastic wad cutter. You just use a primer as a means of propulsion. The primer is enough push to shoot the plastic bullet 20yrds.

Speer Plastic Cases 38 Caliber Box of 50 - MidwayUSA

Speer Plastic Bullets 38 Caliber (357 to 358 Diameter) Box of 50 - MidwayUSA

They also have 44mags. Just and idea.

If I rember right crossman makes 177 pellets that are plastic also.Gammo makes a pellet that is called pba and are gold in color I don`t think there is much lead in them either.
That Gamo stuff looks pretty good.
And this may just provide the excuse I needed for an air gun buy.

Thanks for the tips!
When my kids were young I built a very effective trap with an angle back that would deflect pellets down into a layer of sand. I had a wire stretched along the top and hung a cloth from it and then a target in front of the cloth. Surprisingly enough, the loose hanging cloth would enfold the BB or pellet and not allow it to penetrate and then the BB would drop straight down into the sand. The elaborate backboard was unnecessary. We did not ever use max power because we only had 15 feet distance to shoot.

A storage bin turned on it side with a couple of towels over the opening and a pillow inside should work as long as you keep the power down.

Safety glasses are important because BB will bounce around like crazy if you hit a hard surface.
If you go the bb gun route you can get a large cardboard box - hang a piece of shag carpet in the inside back of the box - carpet facing forward - tape the top shut - hang your target on the front and shoot away.

Heal quick
+1 with previous post
Shoot BB´s. When I was a kid I made a box so I could shoot inside the house and not break everything in the house. Just use a regular box (shoe box for example) and put in the inside some layers of loose wrinkled news paper, and behind them a layer of rug or regular carpet. The box I made like that worked perfectly, no passing trough with BB´s.
Using safety glasses is an important tip, you hit something flat in the back, and the BB will return right at you, believe me I know:D
Hope you get better.
Take care and shoot for fun but safely.
I see natchezz has the same gamo I have on sale. The Hunter
Natchez Shooters Supply Spring Closeouts Flyer - page 37

I have taken out pigeons at 70 yds so far with it. The Crossman pellets are the most accurate.
Get your self some bread and throw it out the window lightbulband wait for your targets to arrive. :D

Have fun.
I broke my femur when I was younger and had to spend 6 month's on crutches. I got good with those crutches, I'd go crazy in bed.
Sorry to hear about your injury, hope you have a speedy recovery. Sounds like you've got lots of good advice and options. Not sure where you live as it's winter and whether your able to shoot out an open window but, it came to mind so I thought I'd mention it.
Sorry to hear about your injury, hope you have a speedy recovery. Sounds like you've got lots of good advice and options. Not sure where you live as it's winter and whether your able to shoot out an open window but, it came to mind so I thought I'd mention it.

Just be careful shooting out of an open window. I was lined up on a bird sitting on the floor in my living room. I didn't see the sash through the scope and put a nice clean hole right through. :D Oh well, :rolleyes:! Normally I would sit at the computer chair and use the couch as a rest and watch the bird feeder for grackles and starlings.

liltank, hey nothing wrong while we're improving our shooting skills if we can also get some wood working skills in too...or wood repair skills.:)

I was thinking BB or pellets through the window. Sounds like you were shooting the real deals...were you? If so thank goodness for smokeless powders.
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