IOR Valdada ?


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Sep 25, 2002
Can anyone with experience with these tell me about them? I am interested in how they would compare to a leupold LR in optical resolution, repeatability, etc. Also, do they compare to the Nightforce NXS line-up?

I use 16x42 optic quality is better than Leupold ( I own 9 Leupold most modified by Premier ) , reticule of IOR is sharper than Leupold and NP8 is very nice for very long range shooting

I wait for the new 10x40 50 mm with 35 mm

I doesn t use Night Force because Night Force is a brand without real optic company just sub contract , even if quality seem very good I can get more IOR for the price of a Night Force

I use most fixed power than variable , but optic quality seem close to US optic without the price and without the fact than DR Williams doesn t want to delivery anything to french people since the beginning of Irack War .........., but that nice to be able to get three scope for the price of one ........

good shooting

thanks DANTEC.

Have you used or had the opportunity to evaluate the 6-24x50 model?
I have the IOR 2.5-10x 42mm with illuminated MP8 reticle in the 1st optical plane. I could not be more pleased. Boxing the scope at 400 yds was perfect. Return to zero is perfect. Optical quality is better than 10x 40mm Leupold in any lighting conditions. Total rd count on my rifle exceeds 4000 and this scope was on for aprox half.

I also had the 16x 42mm but a buddy wanted it bad and quick for a trip west. His 16x Leupold had just died as he was preparing for the get-together. The IOR is the 4th scope that rifle has worn. Weaver 4.5-14 mil dot Tactical, Nightforce variable (I think something like 6-22x), and Leupold 16x and none have survived to 500 rds. The IOR is currently up to 370 rds on that rifle, after aprox 2000 rds on my .300 WSM.
Rich de Simone, the IBS LG group record holder has switched to the IOR 6-24x for his guns. I have looke through them and like everyone says, it is impressive optically. Rich ran them through all kinds of tests and thinks they beat Leaupold hands down and even NF.

Not sure what in 35mm they are going to come out with, they have tested several. The SE distrutor will be at the Nationals this year and he is not sure what the final version will be.

Thank you for those replies guys,...I am now even more interested

Anyone know of a good wholesaler?

RuffHewn,...what kind of punisher broke those scopes that quickly? I'm not so sure I want one of those,.....well maybe just one

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JustC, it is a .50Browning AR50. It is not the recoil, which there is an excess of, that is destroying the scopes according to others with experience. It is the muzzle brake causing the rifle to reverse direction and leap forward. Aparently this type stress was not considered when designing scopes. I have fired the rifle a few times and feel discomfort of the hard shove in my shoulder is nothing compared to the pistol grip slapping the fingers of my firing hand.
Ruffhewn,..glad I don't have one. I would have to shoot it,...just because I had it.

Sounds like a real boomer,..what weight bullet is she spitting?
.. I checked in with RichDe on the IOR scope.. Hmmm.. EEEnteresting.. Thanks for bringing it up, guys.! d:^) JiNC


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