IOR-Valdada scopes



Any opinions on the IOR-Valdada scopes

Ihave the IOR-Valdada 6-24-50 with the MP-8 reticle. It is mounted on a Sako TRG-S in 7.82 Warbird. In my opinion as a novice, it is comparable with any of the high dollar leupolds or nightforce; as I have them on other rifles as comparison. The Valdada I have holds a zero like nothing I have ever owned, an is very repeatable, something I have had problems with the luppy and the nighforce is the past. To me, it has them all beat for the money.....
I have both a 2.5-10x 42mm illum MP8, with the reticle in the 1st focal plane, in IOR tactical rings and a 16x 42mm MP8 in IOR double width rings with 6 cap screws. My M70 custom has an IOR Picatinny rail and I change scopes when the inclination or a need appears. I have never had to re-zero after the switch. Adj track perfectly on both scopes and return to prev setting exactly. Optics are as good as any Zeiss or Schmidt & Bender I have looked through. The .5 moa clicks on the 2.5-10x are not precise enough according to some opinions, and the .25 moa clicks on the 16x are to slow when 14+ moa come-ups are needed according to others, but I am 100% satisfied with both scopes and IMO they complement each other well. If I had it to do again I would still buy IOR even if the price had tripled!

Is that your scope on the G3? Unless my eyes are weak there are no threads for a lens shade. Every IOR scope I have seen were threaded and came with with a screw in lens shade.
this is just a picture from the web sight, a gentleman wants trade, me this scope for some gun parts, I normally use Leupold M4 and Shepherd scopes so I was uncertain about these. Thanks for the Info

SFC U.S. Army
I got both the IOR 2.5X10 MP-8 and 6X24 with the MP-8 reticle also. I like their etch glass reticle better than the Leopold mill-dot and the Nightforce NP-R2. The price is also very resonable.
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