IOR Valdada ?

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>I met Chris at the Quantico Match last weekend and he is a stand-up guy. If he says he will look into it,..I beleive him. I also don't see what is so hard about making contact with IOR,..I looked on the website,..found a number and called. It was changed,..because the business moved,..but the recording had the new number. I called that number and spoke to the owner/importer himself. This company may be "grass roots" right now,..but I beleive their pricing relative to their quality will bring them to the front. Yes,..when you set-up an importation of a product not previously imported, will initially have some service problem, i.e. (shipping to Romania for service),..but the company is young,..and these things happen. I don't foresee glass that nice,..going away anytime soon. I anxiously await the 35mm tube models due out this year which BTW come with the tactical rings. All this and still ~$300 cheaper than my NXS's sans rings. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Nothing personal. probably a good guy, but seems he really has no control over what gets fixed.. the answer "I'll look into it" is not going to make the problem go away, an aswer like
"Let me know who has a problem, and I'll make sure it gets fixed!"

Service is part of a product.. anyone can buy great glass (optices, shove em into half *** mad out of spec tubbing and make it look good... sure it's going to have the clarity of a Nightforce or better than a Leupold maybe...
It's optics are as good as a Nightforce for $300 less?? I'm sure Nightforce coul;d sell scopes for $300 less if they didn't have to have a service crew to fix problems...
Chris sounds like a good guy, but the problem is not him but the people running the company and/or answering the phone....
Sounds to me like they have the attitude of "we got your money now, so go screw yourself!" Don't need that kind of company in our sport.

take care
IOR is a newer company and is still working on it's reputation. Yes a person has a problem with a scope, that does not mean that everyone has problems with theirs. A few might escape Quality Assurance, true. The company could have been nicer or they didn't understand the problem. Afterward customer support is the other half of a great product, while something might or might not be warranteed or if their is a delay some dealers might bend over backwards to help out. Ex: exchange for another scope while the problem one is sent in. (I'm sure that the IOR dealers that are listed here would do everything they can if they indeed ship you a bumm scope.) Since the customer deals with the dealer that sold him the scope first, the dealers have the first option of either making the customer happy by replacing a defective product or dropping a customer or two or more by gambling and send him up to a higher level... (Swift is currently at this level with their rifle scopes, over the counter warranty.) S&B, Swarovski, and Zeiss don't have the same customer support as Leupold but does that bother their owners, no.

Then some people like the features, the quality and the price. By far IOR is not the cheapest nor the most expensive, it seems to be between the mid to top end of available glass. Some people might see what they like and gamble a bit by purchasing one, I did. Before I bought my scope I inquired about a lighted reticle model and was dissapointed that one wasn't available for the power that I wanted. Here we are, a few months later and the lighted reticle 6-24x50 is soon to be out and with a 35mm tube... IOR could improve in another area by keeping their dealers in the loop.

Their is no perfect scope, Leupold has their problems but sell the scopes at their rated prices because they include lots of customer service and their competition Burris does not have the same reputation but they are improving. And of course Nightforce has their price fixing, allthough they do have some nifty features and a thicker main tube.

With my only scope experience being a Weaver T-36 and a older Redfield fixed 10x, my IOR 6-24x50 beat them hands down. Clear with a great picture, whereas my T-36 seems to have a haze and a certain halo by comparison. I have not done any tracking or repeatability tests, maybe I should drag it out and do one for ya'll and report... maybe this weekend. I don't mention the Redfield because it's like comparing apples to peanuts.

This is turning into a Ford Vs. Chevy thing.

By no means is anyone trying to convince people that this is "the" scope to get, just don't want people bashing something they don't have experience with. Nothing personal.

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Sc0,..How has your Valdada been thus far? I was impressed with the "feel" of the clicks and the clarity of the glass in the 4-5 models that I looked at last week. Incidently, was atop a heavy gun owned by one of our benchrest shooting members,..who stated that when he tested the repeatability,..he made a nice rectangle which came back to zero as it should.

You have expressed my feelings on this line of glass to a "t". At one time or another there were guys who took a chance on a no-name brand scope by the name of Leupold. Then later on,..there were those guys who took the leap and bouth a no-name scope that went by "nightforce". At some time, have to take a chance. I liked what I saw and felt,..and I have enough rifles that if the one wearing this scope was to be without it for a few months,..that's OK. At least I know it went back to the factory for repair,..where the guys who built it can look at it and determine it's issues.

I beleive that thier goal is to have a repair site set-up within the U.S. soon as well.

I'll report on my experiences with the new 35mm tube model,..if I can be patient till it comes out
I too will report on my 6x24x50 35mm tube as soon as my new 50 BMG gets here, I have the pre-production scope allready, just waiting for the gun to put it on.
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