Im now officially bummed out


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Aug 18, 2005
Elizabeth, WV
So as some of you know i have been trying to get the ball rolling on my first big rifle project, so today i was off so i called Krieger to order a barrel....14-16 weeks for my barrel!!!!! Even with Kevin being able to turn the rifle around pretty quick once i get it to him, by the time i get the barrel, send it and the action to Kevin, then on to Joel Russo for a stock im looking at next year probably! I know you guys all wait for your rifles too, but i thought if i started early this year id be able to at least get to have it done before deer season. Yeah right! For all those reading this thinking im wining please understand im not, just alittle disappointed im not gonna get to play with my new monster as soon as i had thought.
thats all,
I can sympathize with you. I ordered a Savage target action, Douglas barrel, and dog tracker stock back on October 15th. It was supposed to be here by the first of the year and I'm still waiting. Got all the new toys to make cartridges, new scope and mounts, no rifle to play with. My trigger finger is getting itchy. LOL:D:D:D
I can feel your pain,living down under the parts wait is even longer i waited 18 weeks for some duracoat on my last build!!On top of that we usually pay double the price for everything.(a mcmillan a5,no extra's starts at $1000au)
The only thing that REALLY bothers me is when you are given a date and it's not met. I was told by a very well known gunsmith that the turnaround time on my custom rifle would be about 6 months. I had the stock shipped to him directly and the barrel only took 2 months.

Well... the rifle wasn't received in 6 months and there were in-house delays. I missed the entire varmint hunting season and the rifle still hadn't arrived. Ultimately, it took just over a year to receive the rifle.

While the rifle looked and shot great, I never used the same smith again because I'm just not willing to wait a year for a rifle. Besides that, I should have been told that it would take over a year if that was the case. There really is no excuse for this.

Most of the other smiths that I have had build rifles did ship within the time frame stated, or shortly thereafter.
Yeah, we all have to wait for the stuff we want. I have had an LWRC 308 Heavy Barrel SABR/REPR on order and fully paid for since last May. It was first suppose to be delivered in August last year and keeps getting pushed out. I talked to them earlier this week and they said it will be around the end of April now.

It is all part of the game. Get use to it.

Order your stock now from Joel and have him send it to Kevin so that will save you some time.
Why do you want a Kreiger barrel, I went with a Broughton and had it in 5 weeks.
I think you'd be better served by thinking in terms of 12-18 months. From having nothing in hand to complete rifle in hand.
I wish i could order my stock ahead, but since ive insisted on using this action(Enfield P14) the stock will have to be inletted by hand, therefore all parts must be present to get the stock made. I'm slowly but surely coming to grips with everything and this has also given me a reason to consider other barrel makers again. I may actually end up getting a barrel from Brunos, they have a Shilen in the contour and twist i want in stock, just not sure if thats how im going to go yet or not.
DanielLudwig, hang in there my day you'll be shooting it and the wait will be just another memory. try to enjoy the process and good luck with the build.
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