Idaho hunt


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May 11, 2011
Dixon Ky
I am going on my frist trip out west to hunt in idaho and was wondering if any one could give me tips on items and supplies to take. Going to be camping and backpacking. Thanks
I am going mid to late October. I already have a pack it's an external frame, sleeping bag, blanket, some frist aid supplies, and water filtration. Looking at getting a sleeping pad and I have a tent but thinking it might be to heavy to pack around.
What part of Idaho. A 50lb pack will destroy you in some areas. My pack with rifle, etc is just under 40. Same with my partner who is a beast.

2nd on the what part of idaho? And weight for me depends completely on length of trip. I can do the sub 40 for a few days, but if you're going for a week or longer it's hard to get under 50lbs. I've done a lot of backpacking and can easily backpack for a week with a 30lb bag, but hunting, especially in Idaho or other big country states added a lot of weight with the rifle, and optics. I mean your average guy has a rifle around 8-10lbs and at least 5lbs of optics. You can spend thousands cutting a few lbs. Be in good shape would be the best tip anyone could give if ya ask me.
It's not as bad if you have a decent area to set up a spike camp then run light out of there. A GPS or compass is a must for me when I'm out. Whistle, fire starter of some sort, container or bladder to haul drinking water after cleaned or filtered, game bags, paracord, cooking and eating gear if in spike camp (this can be very simple and lightweight but don't overlook it). I started out packing way to heavy but have refined my list over the last several years. Above always make the cut though.