Idaho bucks and the EXO 3500 pack


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May 12, 2009
Sweet, Idaho
Well, my brother and I have been hunting the high country of central Idaho since the opener on the 10th. Opening morning found us backpacked in and perched on a ridge glassing a canyon across from us. It's a long story but a short 6 hours later, I jumped a buck we had watched out of his bed and anchored him with a 6.5 saum with 140 bergers.
Two nights ago, my brother connected on a buck we had spotted across another canyon that we had packed into and made a great shot while the buck was bedded at 610 yards.
The main reason for this post is to relate the packing ability of the new EXO 3500 mountain packs. I know there has been some discussion here on LRH about this pack and others but if you are sitting on the fence about this pack, don't. The first pack out was about two miles. We each had our camp and half a deer each on the pack and even though it was heavy as SH**, the pack worked great. It does take a bit of "load development" but once you figure out how all the connections work, it is a very comfortable and functional set up. Our second pack out was about 1.5 miles but it was a very steep downhill pack with about 1000 feet of vertical. This time we split the loads as the buck was shot at dusk so we packed out the front quarters, backstraps and then came back the next morning to pack out the rest. I'm extremely pleased with this pack. My only real complaint is that I keep getting older....................



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Good to hear on the pack and great job on the bucks, just got on the list this morning with EXOmountain!
Good to hear on the pack and great job on the bucks, just got on the list this morning with EXOmountain!

Well, you won't regret it. So far this year, 4 high country bucks taken out with the EXO's. Here are a couple of photos from the other day of another buck taken and pack out. This buck was taken at about 8700 feet and we had about 4 miles to the trail head----half deer in each EXO 3500.



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The frame looks almost exactly like a kifaru duplex. Have you guys had the two side by side?

Great job on the bucks. You guys took some really nice deer. But you always do! I love your getting old comment. I realized that more this weekend as well.

Looks like the pack is doing really well. I know you really put them through their paces. I think I'll have to get one. It seems like everyone loves them.

Keep the hunting updates coming. Good luck

How many days did you spend, reason I ask is whether there is a need for the larger bag or if the 3500 bag is large enough?

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