Idaho draw hunt success photos.


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Feb 24, 2004
Well after many tries I finally drew a limited entry permit for a public land unit in Idaho. Two of my friends Corey and Chad were nice enough to help scout and on the actual hunt. Can't thank them enough!

Anyway opening morning we were heading for a buck we had scouted the week before.
Sure enough we found him in exactly the same place. Well we blew the first stalk when a doe spotted us and they all blew out.

We followed him around for 1 and 1/2 hours up and down over the lava rock. Thanks to Corey's sharp eyes we got up on him 4 more times but we were not in a position to get a shot each time and he took off again. Finally we got within 300 yards and caught him on the rim. Shot him with 300 win mag 168 Barnes triple shock at 300 yards right behind the shoulder. He ran about 40 yards.
We taped him in the field at 192. His neck was 31" around, seriously in the rut.
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Just curious, but how were you able to get 2 deer tags in Idaho?
I'd like to know so I could get the appropriate permits to get a second deer.

Very nice bucks - both of them! (other deer
here for those that didn't see it)
Thanks Nighthunter and Gonehunting.

I bought my regular season deer tag. Then I drew a super tag which is an extra tag.
I could have also bought a left over non-resident deer tag. So actually could have taken 3 deer in Idaho this year.

If you want to take two bucks you would have to buy a left over non-resident deer tag at the non-resident price.
There are always Clearwater tags leftover so you could go hunt monster whitetails up there in November or December in the Panhandle.

If you don't mind me asking, what unit did you draw. I drew unit 52 this year and that was the size of buck I was looking for. I conntected with one much smaller though.
The Super Tag would kick butt!
Too bad an out of state tag costs so much - I'll be going up to the panhandle for turkey day and could hunt then....I guess I'll have to shoot ducks instead
Thanks for taking a look and commenting.
I was hunting in unit 45 on Bennett Mountain in Idaho.
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