Bear hunt success photos.


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Feb 24, 2004
Well this was the first time out with my new Leupold 4x14 scope with Boone & Crocket reticle and Leica rangefinder.
I watched this bear move in and out of the berry bushes for a couple hours then I finally got a chance for a shot as it moved out on an open ridge. Hit it with the lazer at 305 yards, bracketed the bear in the scope between the 250 aim point and the 350 aim point.
1 shot right behind the shoulder with a 165gr nosler ballistic tip at 3400fps out of my 300 win mag. I was surprised to see the bullet exited.



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Hey Not to far How much did it weight? Now for a dumb question,That is a Black Bear right? Whats the location?Did he drop in his tracks? I'm going Black bear hunting,October 1st in Northern California.I'll be useing a 300 RUM with 200gr Nosler Accubonds,I'm hand loading those now. Good shot man!!!! Hope to do the same in a month.
iron worker,
Thanks for taking a look.
No idea on the weight.
Yes it is a black bear I shot it in southern Idaho.
It spun at the hit and ran about 20 yards.
Good luck on your hunt.
Nice looking bear, could be the lighting but it appears to be a chocolate phase bear.

Congrats on a nice bear.
Good Goin'
Must be in Southwest Idaho.

You gotta be admired for your patience......

Should have had the heart rate settled by then.

Aren't those range finder sweet?
I plan on doin't similar on an elk come December over in unit 69.

Good to hear the good performance on the Nos Bal Tip. That's what I've settled on. Though its a whimpy little 270 win 130 going at only 3200. Wo Is Me
Congrats on taking such a nice animal. Nice photo too.

Funny but a lot of guys will tell you that the Ballistic Tips are not even reliable on whitetails. Heck, I might have to switch back to the BT's again. Besides those darn X bullets are awful expensive to work up loads with.


Total penetration on a bear, thats more like what I'd expect from their Accubonds.

Good shootin' - VH
I know what you mean about the ballistic tips. They are SO accurate in my rifle is why I use them. I usually use Barnes for hunting.
The wound channel through that bear was about 4" around and that is the exit you see on the left shoulder of the bear in the picture. The bear was at 305 yards at the shot.
With performance like that I think I may give them another try and just use the Barnes for elk.
Agree the ballistic tips are much more reasonable price wise for casual shooting and working with.
More Ballistic tip stuff.

Shot a nice Muley a couple of years ago @ about 110 yds w/one. Entered just ahead of the right hip and stuck under the hide just behind the left front shoulder. Went through a lot of deer. Instant harvest. Great wound channel. Regrived jacket with core.

Have found that Nosler jackets seem to be a bit "harder" than some others.

Will post results of buch hunt in a couple of months and reconfirm things.
Hey there Not to far I just got back from the range doing some load developement.Man I hope I'm not over gunning it.I'm shootin a 300RUM with 200gr Nosler Accubonds at about 3,125 FPS.I ordered those bullets befor I heard of your prize.Have you eaten any of it yet?Are you going to get a hide out of it? I figure I could bring a 270WSM as my back up rifle.
iron worker,
You should have plenty of gun whichever of those calibers you decide upon. Just use a good bullet.
Yes I am getting the hide tanned.
Haven't eaten any of it yet but should be good, as good as bear gets.
Hey Iron worker what part of Northern California are ya gonna be hunting in?

I nearly had a bear last weekend with my bow. He was 32 yards when he spotted me and took off. He never offered a clean shot.

I took a bear a couple of years ago with my 243 and it was such a stinky mess getting him out of the wilderness area I told myself that I would never shoot another one with my rifle. I just don't see the point of shooting them with rifles but whatever tickles your fancy.

I get my tickles from shooting them with arrows and having them turn and look ya in the eye when they growl.
7MMmag man I'm going to either Siskou mountian Range or Klamath Nationl Forest.I'm expecting this to be a lot of hard work,especialy if we go to the Siskous.Shot him with a 243! Where did you hit him? In thge head? How many shots did it take? How far?
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