Idaho deer success photo.


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Feb 24, 2004
Not the biggest buck but public land do it yourself hunt in Idaho.
Rained all day, spotted this deer up in a canyon. Got as close as I could. Hit him with the lazer 387 yards. Wind and rain were straight in my face. Set the 350 crosshairs in my Leupold Boone and Crocket Reticle right on top of his back.
At the shot he did a forward flip and rolled about 40 yards down the hill. Shot was dead center right through the back of the shoulder.
I was surprised to see no exit from the 168 Barnes Triple shock in my 300 win mag.
It sure was instant death to that deer though.
Could you post a picture of the recovered bullet? Also could you weigh it and tell me the retained weight?
I did not dig out the bullet. I think it held together well though because of the lack of blood shot meat.
Very small entrance wound and still can't believe the bullet did not exit but that is the case.
Yes I really love the B&C. Very nice scope.
Forgot to mention that patch of green trees just above the deers head in the background is where I took the shot from.
Nice public land buck!

Just wondering if you've ever hunted whitetail in any of the north western clearwater units? 17, 16a, 16...I've heard there are a number of big bucks there, mainly overlooked for Elk.
You heard right. North Idaho has a lot of very nice whitetails. They are underhunted so get a chance to mature.
When there is heavy snow early it can be amazing for big bucks during the rut.
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