I have returned!


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May 14, 2003
Just had my barrel set back due to burned throat and beginning load work on 180 gr Interbond and hoping to get a load with 175 gr SMK that will match POI, trajectory, and wind drift. Plan is to hunt with the Hornady Interbond this season, lost too much jerky meat with the 190 gr SMKs busting up the ribs last season.

Also considering lightening up the rifle due to experiences gained. The Choate US&T stock may have to go. Considering Hogue OM with bedding block. Also saw some aluminum scope rings that appear to be up to the task.

BTW, thanks for keeping my registration active.
This is a bit off the track of this topic, but i was wondering if you would mind if i "borrowed" your quote/saying?
if not that ok, if yes thanks.

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I heard it long ago in the USMC, and since no one has contested my using I cannot foresee any problem in your doing so as well. I know I certainly do not mind.
Welcome back, Rick. Good to see you here again. Email sent.

No luck with your email account, Rick. It bounced back to me.

I had some questions for you...Could you shoot me an email at [email protected]


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Sakofan, I seem to be having trouble sending and recving. Try again in a few days.
REC USMC [email protected]

If your question is were we asked to leave by the new government: Yes.
But within 9 days of arriving attacks on US citizens practically ceased so we were effective, and IMO it was all needed.
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