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Jul 4, 2022
Thought I would start the LRH community's week with a little humor:

What I have learned on the internet, since 2001:

1. The proper answer to: Where is the best place in town to get a steak dinner? is…You should go to Mel's Diner and get the fried chicken.

2. Game animals know the difference between .015"in diameter, 15 grains of bullet weight, and 150 fps.

3. Identical bullets at the same velocity perform differently if they came from different cartridges.

4. A double rifle is the perfect DGR, but every 375HH bolt gun should be modified to carry 5 down.

5. While a floor plate and detachable box magazine both use a mechanical latch, only the floor plate latch is reliable. Disregard the fact that every modern military rifle uses a detachable box magazine.

6. A Remington 700 is unreliable even though it is the basis of the USMC M40 sniper rifle for 50+ yrs. without change to the extractor and is used by more law enforcement sniper units than any other rifle.

7. PF actions are not suitable for a DGR and it is irrelevant that the M1, M14, M16, & AK47 which were designed for hunting men that can shoot back are all PF actions.

8. 95 deg F in Africa is different than 95 deg F in TX or CA and that is why you must worry about ammunition temperature in Africa (even though most safaris take place in winter) but not in TX or in CA.

9. The size of a ding in a gun's finish doesn't matter, what matters is whether it's a safe ding or field ding.

10. 1 in a row is a trend, 2 in a row is statistically significant, and 3 in a row is an irrefutable fact.

11. Never buy a WSM or RCM cartridge for a safari rifle or your "go to rifle" in the USA because if they lose your ammo you can't find replacement ammo but don't worry 280 AI, 338-06, 35 Whelen, and all the Weatherby cartridges abound in Africa and back country stores.

12. A well hit animal can run 75 yds. in the open and suddenly drop dead and have no exit wound and no initial blood trail, but the animal I shot that ran 10 yards into a thicket and was never recovered was lost because of bullet failure. I am 100% certain of this even though I have no physical evidence.

13. Related to Item 3, a 300 Win Mag is a 500 yard elk cartridge but a 308 Win is not a 300 yard elk cartridge even though the same bullet is travelling at the same velocity at those respective distances.
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Yep! The internet is full of interesting thoughts and opinions. I just want an explanation why some of the deer I have shot were dead on their feet but seemed to find just enough will to live to dive in the deepest and thickest gully in the area before giving up the ghost. Sorry…every time someone mentions thicket I relive that last deer extraction.

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