Help I have a couple of pics I wanna post



I'd like to post some pics of my set up and one of the places I hunt.. Maybe it might help some new guys see one of the ways to Lr hunt.. not sure the best way to post pics.. any help is appreciated....

I just made myself an account with hunting pictures . com, then uploaded my pictures to their website.

After that, to put a pic in a post, just open up your pic in hunting pictures, highlight and copy the address from the address bar, then click on the image button on the posting window on this site, right click into the address window, and paste your pic address in. thats it. Its a lot easier than it sounds.


Upload pics to one of these sights.
hunt pics
Clik Image at bottom of posting page.Then copy past the jpg link to the image box,remember to delete the Http/ that is aready in box. Another helpful hint is to use lower case letters in naming your original pic & dont use spaces=CJ image does not recognize some sights.You can however post as a link to them by clicking the URL box below & copy paste link to pic.
You can also post links to video
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This is the host site I usedSony ImageStation

This works great and is free with unlimited storage too, the best and easyest I've found yet by far. Hunting is no where near as nice and has limits too.

Once you upload the picture to the storage bin, go back to "My ImageStation" and add the pic to an album, then right click on the image displayed you want to post and select properties. Highlight the URL address and copy (Ctrl+C). Go back to the post and click the Image button and paste (Ctrl+V) onto the line provided. Make sure it doesn't have "http://" at the beginning TWICE or it won't post. That's it. Hope that helps some.

I tried mach Vs link to Chrises, it seems the simplest but didn't work for me.
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