Do I have enough adjustment?

Gary Morgan

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May 27, 2007
Hey, guys, I need a little help with some mathematics. I want to know if I have enough adjustment in my scope and bases to shoot out to 1500 yards.

Here's my setup: 700SA, Hart 29-inch, heavy varmint contour, 10-twist, 6-groove barrel, chambered in 6x284, shooting Berger 95-grain VLDs at 3,350 FPS at 3,700 feet elevation. Temps will be around 70 degrees and 40% humidity. I have a 20 MOA Farrel base and a Nightforce 12x42x56 scope. Right now the scope is zeroed at 100 yards and is four clicks from bottoming out. Can I get out to 1,500 yards by clicking up?

I'm having to estimate the velocity because my Oehler quit on me. Someone out there might be able to give a better estimate of velocity if they have Quickload or similar software, but I am shooting a 52-grain load of H4831SC. I know this barrel gives 3,200 FPS with the 105 gr. A-Max and 50 grains of H4831SC.

My Sierra software shows a 601-inch drop at 1,500 yards from a 100 yard zero.

Thanks for your help.
Given the fact that your scope only has 40 moa and also that you don't want to bottom out your turrets at either end of their travel, then it looks like you can't make it. Depending on your scope and conditions you'd be close but you could only be sure by shooting and trying it.
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Just an idea but have you thought of changing to a diffenert recticle? one with multiple aiming marks? You didnt say which one you had just a thought my friend sent one in about a month ago and had it back in a week.
scope adjustment

Thanks, guys for the info. Nyles, you have a good idea. I do have the NP-R2 reticle with several two MOA elevation reticles in the scope which may give me just what I need to get there.
Yea you have it covered then thats an addtional 22 or 20 moa (15X 11 bars 22X 10 bars). I have one running around here in a UPS truck I should get today! Whos at home to sign at 2pm?

You will have to dail and use your R2 to get to 1500 but you can get there.

Dail 19.25 moa up and shoot bar 10! GOOD LUCK!

Remember 2 moa on full power 4 moa on 1/2 power.......Im no pro nor have I done this just yet but from best I can figure itll work.....any that knows better please chime in here.
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