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Sep 21, 2008
This has been a very informative site and reading the forums and articles I've learned a lot. I submited a question a few days ago for some help with load data for SS 109 bullets. I know these aren't some super accurate 1200 yard hunting loads but come on. I spent 8 years in the US Army as a sniper for the 75th Ranger regiment. I came across a good deal on these and some 55gr. Tracer rounds. I do load the MK 262 MOD1 clone and shoot longrange with a custom .300 winnie if that makes me "fit in" with you guys. I don't want to go to some of the other forums because the people here are respectful and very smart when it comes to shooting.
You may have ask a quesion that no one here knows much about. You may have better results asking your question at snipershide. There seem to be alot of x-military guys over there.
Might be helpful to repost the question. From your post, can't quite tell what you are asking for specifically.
Also, take no offense if noone responded. Alot of members on here are hunting at this time, but I am sure given alittle time, someone will be able to answer your question.
I have re-read my post and I think it went over wrong. I didn't mean that in a griping tone. I meant that this being a long range hunting forum, many people here probably don't shoot these type's of bullets. I really don't want to go to a different site because it only takes a few minutes and you have a full blown argument over who's is the biggest and the best. I did post the question on another site and it turned into an argument about shooting tracers ruining a barrel (which it doesn't if you clean properly). Thank you all for the help and I think I've figured out which loads I'll start with.gun)
" if that makes me "fit in" with you guys."

First, thanks for your service.

Second, I don't think fitting in is an issue. Seems your question was quite narrow, probably few of us know anymore about that than you. And, fact is, "no help" is much better than "incorrect help".

One of the better aspects of this board is we have fewer "instant experts" on any question that may be presented and fewer egos trying to get their post count up. Meaning when you do get answers it's a bit more likely to help than to harm.
Just to tell the truth-----no one I shoot with competition included has ever even talked about what you are attempting to do. There is a reason for that. Not practical and a waste of time and energy all things considered.
MOA man,
There's an SS109 duplicate 62 grain bullet available from Speer, and they have data for it in their latest couple of manuals. Sorry, but I don't have a copy here in the office. I can see if I can find it at home tonight, but we should be able to get you started.

Kevin Thomas
Lapua USA
Thank you Mr. Thomas. The reason I asked is because I weighed about 50 of the SS109's and they all weighed 68 grains exactly. I know this can cause pressure issues but I'm not too worried, I have a 5.56 chamber. I do shoot competition and the statement before this one from the "Boss" is about as far off as can be. It doesn't matter what you shoot, trigger time is the only way to hone your skills. Shooting tracers or AP loads do not harm your barrel in any way. I have shot tens of thousands of these through the Army DMR system in combat and in practice through the same weapon with no problems. Then when needed, we would switch to the MK262 MOD1 for long range work with no issues. I'm not trying to light off the tracers, I'm actually using powders that don't reliably light them (maybe 1 in every 100). And tracers don't light until about 50 yards anyway, not inside the barrell. To me Remington and Winchester FMJ's shoot worse in my set-up and are a waste of time. I do shoot alot of Sierra, Hornady and Nosler Match bullets. Maybe you could help me get started on some Lapua loads. I have never shot them but have wanted to. They are hard to find in my area. Thanks again. gun)
This whole thread is kind of baffling. SS109s & tracers are not known for their accuracy anyway. They're plinking bullets. As far as ARs go, there are certain dues that need to be paid while developing loads, and there are no real shortcuts. We don't know what size groups you're shooting, or what loads you've tried. ll you've told us is that the rifle doesn't shoot to your satisfaction. What does it shoot well with? For that matter, what rifle do you have? What twist? Is it a real 5.56 chamber, or is it a 223 marked as a 5.56, and most barrels really are? The loads are NOT interchangable. Are the SS109s pulled or new bullets? Are you trimming your cases? Do your cases match? Which case? If all you want is loading data, to make the gun go boom, there's plenty of that on the internet, go to Hodgdon Powders website & check out the loads. For what it's worth, there is NO magic load that works well in every gun. Every gun is different, and must be treated that way.

You've told us nothing that can be used to solved your problem, whatever it is. maybe this thread will help: http://www.longrangehunting.com/forums/f28/reloading-ar-15-a-49393/
MOA Man,

Got to agree with many of the other posts here about SS109, tracers or the 62 grain Speer FMJ M855 equivelant. These are all fine as plinking loads, but don't expect any real accuracy from any of them. I've seen plenty of FMJs that would crack the MOA mark, some of them quite handily. But they're usually the exception, not the rule. MilSpec for most of these projectiles is something on the order of 3 MOA for US or NATO acceptance. Again, fine for plinking and spray & pray type scenarios, but not acceptable for any real accuracy shooting. Now when we get to the HPBT Match designs, that's a whole different story. If you've messed with the M262, you've no doubt seen the difference good bullets can make. I have a DMR built to AMU specs (I train active-duty SDM classes with AMU/CMP) and it's an incredibly accurate rifle. But that's dependant on feeding it good ammunition, in my case a 77 grain HPBT with a very similar load to the M262 you mentioned. Most of the HPBT designs show much better accuracy and are really the way to go here. If you have a good supply of the SS109s and want to burn the up, hey, no problem at all. But, all the trigger time in the world won't make a 3 MOA bullet shoot any better than 3 MOA. From a prone position with a sling, I can hold about 3/4 MOA, and so require my equipment to do at least that. A 3 MOA rifle and or ammo is just an excersize in frustration for me, for most forms of competition.

You're the one who ultimately sets standards for performance here, and what you're willing to accept is the bottom line. However, I think you're cheating yourself by not going with top-drawer bullets when assembling ammo to be used for any sort of competition. Let me know what you think, and we'll be glad to get you steered towards something that should do a better job for you.


Kevin Thomas
Lapua USA
I don't know if you even read this forum anymore. It seems the other members were either ignorant or rude to you in the forum about 5.56 loads . I reload a lot of 5.56 with 55 and 62 grain projos. I use pull down powder that is low cost and I can duplicate lake city factory speeds and accuracy. If you still need help, Please PM me and I will give you all the info I use. Regards and thanks for your service to our country! Steve
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