I got my 2nd cougar this weekend

Thanks Rufous ,

Enjoyed the story and pix . Why don't you tan the hide yourself ? There are kits on the market or you can get instructions of the internet and use readily available materials . I did a fox hide years ago and it is still holding the hair .

Jim Brown
That is a good idea but honestly I do not really want the hide. I have a beautiful bear rug and cougar rug and another bear hide and do not want or need another cougar hide in the house. Nor does my wife. So I hope to be able to sell it. If I cannot do that then I will give it to a friend. Rufous.
I shot one a week before christmas with my bow at 18 yards! The meat is very tasty. I have the world's best recipe for Kung Pow Kitty. It melts in your mouth. Hit me with your email address and I'll send it to you.
One fine looking Cat! I've always heard rumors that the old timers would rather eat mountain lion than anthing else. Never tried it though. If you ever get tire of the hides, send em to me. I'll take em off your hands. I tan a lot of deer hides Indian style. (Brain Tan) Works great and it's pretty simple to do.
I ate the one I harvested this year.Hate to admit it but it was darn good!:D


When I shot my first one, biggest fear was it would taste like yote. Its turns out that the cougar was pretty good eating. Few tendons, big hunk of steaks! 110% better eating than fastfood meat.
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