Hunting Wolf out of State permits

Idaho has over the counter wolf permits and I think they upped the limit to 5 this year. They are relatively cheap for non-residents as well.
In Alaska's gmu 13 a non- resident license is all that is required, cost $85. From Aug 10 to Apr 30 you are allowed 10 wolves per day. Come and get 'em.

Montana should be paying non-residents to come a help kill the wolves. Many non-resident hunters will not be returning because of the high cost of tags and the lack of game.
Yes, Wyoming.
There are only 12 trophy areas where a permit is required but that is only for a limited time period then before it reverts to and after the trophy season is over it is a fair game with no permit required.
I live 5 miles from area trophy zone 12 and can shoot them in sight with no bag limit and no permit required year round.
FYI, if you are hunting during a trophy season you must use a rifle or hand gun and or bow of qualifying caliber or poundage.
How ever before or after those time frames anything goes.
If you want more information just pm me and I will try and not confuse you to much as the dept of guts and feathers have written the regulations a bit convoluted.
So far since the trophy season started only 16 have been reported killed so these critters are wising up real quick and where they live it most likely will not be a "walk in the park" here in rough mountainous terrain from approx 5000' to 11,000'+ elevations.
If you decide you want to come out to Wyoming and gun) a few of our wolves there are a bunch to choice from...:)
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