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check out Grey Wolf Woolens, custom made to your size. Good stuff will last years, & in predator.
Thanks everyone for all the responses, there were a few brands that I had forgotten about and researched them. Right now I have a few narrowed down and will be making a decision shortly I hope. Thanks again.
Re: Hunting Gear - Cabelas

I have a lot of Cabela's outdoor clothing and a lot of it is well over 10 years old and still going strong.

Of all the brands of outdoor clothing I've owned Cabelas is the one with the most consistently high quality. Plus they cover almost all sizes.
Figure I better update a little. I went out and purchased myself some First Lite gear last week and was able to use it on part of an Elk hunt (cut short due to Family emergency) and opener deer season here in South Dakota. I purchased the North Branch pant and jacket along with the Uncompahgre puffy all in the Fusion camo pattern. (Scheels had a good sale on these and I had few gift cards to burn):D. While on my elk hunt I wore the pants and puffy. I spent my first day and a half sitting in some snow glassing, and the pants kept me dry and warm and jacket was plenty warm. I was happy with how nothing felt bulky. During our deer opener here in South Dakota the weather was 10 degrees at 5:00 a.m. so I layered up and went out with the pants and north branch jacket and put my puffy over that. I walked into my spot and sat there till first light and started glassing for deer all while being comfortable and warm just sitting. My season ended as I had a smaller buck show up early a.m. at 650 yards and gave me good shot so I took it. During the time my new gear kept me warm and I was happy to finally have some good clothing that will last a while and MOST IMPORTANT it fit really well. I will hopefully be back out west to try and fill my Elk tag and give my gear a good workout.
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I'm 6' 2" and my weight fluctuates between 240 - 255 lbs. I have a size 49.5-50 chest, wear a 38 waist, and a 32" inseam. I had a recent business trip to Sacramento, so I took some time to visit the Kuiu store in Dixon, CA to check out some of their clothing. I liked the look, feel and fit of most of the clothing, but I did have to vary sizes in the different types of outerwear. I'm sort of athletically cut with big arms, shoulders, and chest, but my belly sometimes gets a little in the way. In case you are still considering Kuiu, below are sizes that fit me:

- Yukon jacket and pants - 2XL
- Attack pants - size 40 (had plenty of length and some room for a base layer)
- Peloton full zip - 2XL
- Chinook jacket - 2XL
- Chinook pants - size 40
- Guide Jacket - 3XL
- Guide pants - size 40
- Super Down jacket - 3XL (2XL fit but was a little tight, 3XL fit my shoulders better)
- Super Down pant - 2XL (a little loose but would work. Not crazy about Velcro on sides, wish there was a waist drawstring)

Overall I thought the quality of the product seemed good. Time will tell how it holds up, but I can say the Attack pants have become part of my everyday wear (very comfortable). Hope this helps.

The velcro on the sides waist band of the down pants is because they have full length zippers down the side of both legs so you can remove them or put them on by just dropping your outer pants, unzipping and and remove without removing outer pants or boots. Their base layer wool underwear are the same. it works great for later in the day when you start heating up and you don't feel like undressing to remove.
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