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Oct 17, 2011
North West Wyoming
Wasn't sure as to where to post this but thought this may be the best place. Admins please move if theres a better place. I have been researching Hunting clothing for quite some time ( Sitka, First lite, KUIU, Kings,...) I have tried one Sitka Celsius fleece jacket and found it to fit O.K. but my issue, I'm 6'2" with long arms and long legs. So when the arms stretch the sleeves come up and the pants turn to high water pants :D. Another issue is some of these manufactures are not close by to try on stuff. Are there any companies that produce a good quality outfit for us tall people. I've tried some big and tall but the big is too bulky. I would like to find a good quality jacket and pant for mid to late season hunts in western Wyoming.
Sitka has tall sizes but I hate optifade and thier gear is priced high but when the deals are right the gear is good. I just got a set of timberline pants in solid 34L and they fit great, I'm 6'2" as well. I think first lite is best bang for the buck I buy alot of thier merino base layers and tops/jackets. The guide pants are great but a little short. Kuiu makes great clothing but I don't like how they run stuff and thier sizes are shrinking, i can barely wear thier xl its so tight vs a large in first lite. I want to love kryptek but thier sizing is going the wrong direction with shorter sleeves and the back of the coats riding high lately but my favorite camo pattern. The ageies coat I have of thiers is great but it's a couples years old. Thier newest softshell I got was terrible fitting but I waited to long and had nothing else for the season so I went with it, burned a couple holes in it sitting to close to the fire and it didn't break my heart any.
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I agree with the prices being high but good stuff tends to cost, and the sizing these days is a cluster in my opinion. I may just have to keep watch for the sales. Thanks for the info
I can't answer that, I just have several pants and long sleeve T's. Look at their size chart they break down sleeve length. I do know I wear a 36/37" sleeve and their T's fit good both sleeve and tail. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
Sounds good. I will probably take a trip this weekend to a sporting goods store that carries some of these brands and try some jackets. Thanks again for the info.
Try Cabela's.

They usually have more hunting clothing than anybody else so you've got lots of choices of camo patterns, prices and waterproof/breathable laminates.

Plus their clothing is top quality, even the less expensive stuff. I've bought from them for decades and was always happy with the quality.
Well today I took a trip our sporting goods store (Scheels). They had First Lite, Sitka, and Kings Camo, I tried on everything they had and found the XL jackets to fit me well. I came away with really liking the First Lite products, Sitka gear was nice and Kings I didn't care for the camo patterns. My next question that I am debating myself is do I want the camo pattern (Thinking ASAT camo) or should I go with the neutral colors like the dry earth or pine green as I can wear this dual purpose.
I have several pieces of the first lite clothing and like it fairly well. For me I like the camo patterns over the solid colors. One brand of clothing that I do like the fit of is the core 4 element clothing. I'm 6'2" and weigh around 180 and a little long in the arms and legs. And the core 4 clothing I have seems to fit nicely and be very comfortable. Good luck
I'm 6'4" and have been using badlands clothing for 2 seasons now. It fits great and I'm very pleased with it. Just completed a 7 day backpack hunt in Idaho with a little bit of every type of weather and all I wore the whole hunt was badlands. Take a look at them if you get a chance.
I'm 6' 2" and my weight fluctuates between 240 - 255 lbs. I have a size 49.5-50 chest, wear a 38 waist, and a 32" inseam. I had a recent business trip to Sacramento, so I took some time to visit the Kuiu store in Dixon, CA to check out some of their clothing. I liked the look, feel and fit of most of the clothing, but I did have to vary sizes in the different types of outerwear. I'm sort of athletically cut with big arms, shoulders, and chest, but my belly sometimes gets a little in the way. In case you are still considering Kuiu, below are sizes that fit me:

- Yukon jacket and pants - 2XL
- Attack pants - size 40 (had plenty of length and some room for a base layer)
- Peloton full zip - 2XL
- Chinook jacket - 2XL
- Chinook pants - size 40
- Guide Jacket - 3XL
- Guide pants - size 40
- Super Down jacket - 3XL (2XL fit but was a little tight, 3XL fit my shoulders better)
- Super Down pant - 2XL (a little loose but would work. Not crazy about Velcro on sides, wish there was a waist drawstring)

Overall I thought the quality of the product seemed good. Time will tell how it holds up, but I can say the Attack pants have become part of my everyday wear (very comfortable). Hope this helps.
I'm 6'4' with a 36" inseam, 34" waist, weigh 215-220. I've been hunting in Kryptek Large Long pants, and they fit great. I stay away from any of their tops because the arm/shoulder/chest dimensions are just too small. Under Armour base thermal layers in XL seem to have plenty long sleeves. And any Cabelas jacket in XL tall fits great, a bit loose around the stomach, but with layers underneath it's not an issue.
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