How would an Alabamian go about killing a sheep?


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Jan 29, 2005
Hey guys,
I am really starting to become obsessed with getting a bighorn sometime in my life. I know that realistically, with the odds being under 1 in 100 of getting a permit that it still may never happen. I live in alabama, so how would a guy like me have the best chance of getting a bighorn? Do I need to do some research on the best zone's and way my odds of a drawing with the odds of getting a bigger sheep? What zones in what states produce the best sheep and what zones have better odds of drawing? Would someone like me pretty much have to hire an outfitter? I just can't imagine someone from alabama could make out west to scout each year, and even then I'm sure I would be applying to many different areas that I couldn't keep up with. Can you just buy a hunt in Alberta without having to go through a draw? I guess they are way expensive but is that an option?
I know I just threw out a bunch of questions, but if any of you are bored to death and dreaming about hunting I would love to hear your advice.
Thanks a lot,
Al, I am aware of three ways to go about your quest for a bighorn. You can apply for a tag in as many states as possible and hope you draw the tag while you're still able to climb. If you get lucky, you probably should consider a guide. I'm sure there will be some guides in the area you possibly draw contact you. Secondly, head to Canada and buy an over-the-counter tag. Lastly, purchase a Gov. tag in one of the auctions. Best of luck.
Your chances of drawing a tag are very slim, especially in a good "trophy" area. But your chances are nil if you dont apply. If you want to know where the best areas are, get the B&C records book and check the counties these sheep are taken in. Montana does have some areas where over the counter tags can be purchased, but these are quota areas and getting a legal ram before the season is close will be very difficult, even with a guide. If you do draw a tag, get an outfitter and guide. There is a learning curve when it comes to sheep hunting.

Your best option is to lay down the $$$ and get a Canadian tag which I believe also requires a guide, which you want anyway. They know where the sheep are and how to hunt them.

Hope it comes together for you.

Thank you for the advice, I guess it is time to start putting in the applications. So if I get lucky and stumble across a pile of $30,000 and get tired of waiting I'll go to Canada and buy a tag, but that probably ain't happening any time soon.
Thanks again
I've got bighorn sheep living just a few miles from my home here in Washington, but the odds of drawing a tag are slim... I wouldn't need a guide to find them and hunt them, but some help packing out the head, hide and meat would of course be most welcome. My two sons could do that... Frankly, I doubt that I'll ever draw the tag. But if I do, I know where they live...

Have started putting my youngest son in for the sheep tag as well. He's only 19 and maybe by the time he's 29 or 39, he'll draw the tag... Maybe...

Likely the best shot is to buy the Canadian hunt... But that's out of my price range, so I'll just keep putting in for the tag.

Good luck! Guy
i'm in the same boat as you. not the location, but the odds are stacked against a guy as far as drawing a tag. i will be applying to most of the states with sheep this year, and will continue to do so with high hopes.

the cheapest sheep to hunt would be dall sheep in AK i believe. i think you can get a tag and guide(required to have) for around 12-17K.

I really want to hunt sheep, but the most direct way of doing so involves BIG money!
Start NOW. Apply in every state that allows nonresidents. Here in Nevada you dont need max bonus points to draw the tag. They just increase the number of times your name is in the draw. You can draw a tag on your first try. I'm not trying to make it sound easy just saying that it can happen the first time.

Hire a guide. They know what they are doing.

Good luck.
Your best option is to lay down the $$$ and get a Canadian tag which I believe also requires a guide, which you want anyway.

Holy cow! I had no idea a sheep hunt costs what they do. I just searched some out for Canada and saw a $30,000 price tag! That's freaking crazy!

Man, if I was going to spend that kind of money I would save up a few more pennies and go to the Argali Mountains and get the worlds biggest big horn.

YouTube - Argali sheep

$30,000+ for one hunt - ouch. That's a lot of money. I hope you get to hunt them and have the hunt of a lifetime and come away with a trophy you'll never forget.
Good lord, those are huge! You know, that would be pretty awesome to go over there and get one, but to tell you the truth I don't have any desire to go to that part of the world. I'm scared I might not come back alive...
I guess I'm going to start a sheep hunting fund and see what happens. I want one so bad and it hurts to think that it may never happen! It's kind of like looking at a supermodel, it's hard to accept that you'll probably live your life without that experience!
i got a question about draw odds as well, what are junior draw odds like? im under 18 for the next two seasons and want to try my luck. Have searched online but cant seem to find them anywhere.

Those sheep in the Argali mountains are amazing! but i would rather stay out of that part of the world for now.
When I drew my sheep tag back in 89 the odds were about 1 in 125. It's typically about 1-2% chance of drawing but if you figure in bonus points, you're less likely when you first start applying. No breaks for youth sheep drawings in MT as far as I know. There are some youth districts for deer and elk, but nothing special for sheep.

Just so I can put things into perspective in my own mind, how many tags are awarded nationally...I know each state does there own but, is it like 100 or 1000 or 10,000. I mean what's the number of hunters that draw a tag versus what's the total pool number? Anyone?
Does it have to be a bighorn sheep? Would an aoudad, aka Barbary Bighorn, work? I live in Alabama right now, too, but am originally from Texas, where the aoudad is a nuisance that they are trying to eradicate. For $30,000 you could buy yourself 30-100 acres of land in Texas where aoudads roam. The non-resident 5 day hunting permit for aoudad is $48.
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