How to determine angle to target

Long Time Long Ranger

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Mar 12, 2002
I was just wondering what some of you guys use to determine the angle to the target. I have hunted the rockies for many years where knowing the angle is critical to long range shooting. I am always open to new suggestions for a better mouse trap. Thank goodness I found this site where I can ask serious questions about long ranging it and actually get a legitimate response. Thanks in advance for any "secrets".
Long Time Long Ranger go to page two of this forum and click on the post titled "angles". We discussed this a couple weeks ago and I think it will answer your question.
Well hello there Mr. BigSky. Long time no here from. Good to here from you. Send me an email and let me know how everything is up in Montana. Hope the wife and kids are doing fine. Any bear hunts lined up for this year? I went back and found the info on page two. Good Stuff!
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