How is the Nosler custom brass?

Only experiance I've had is with their 300 ultra brass and it was really soft, the tolerances on weight were very close and needed very little preping. I might of just had a soft batch but I was just getting two firings and the pockets were real loose.

Have heard some of the magnum brass loosens primer pockets, some say 2-3 shots, others say about 5.

My only personal experience with Nosler brass has been with the 308 Win. I think it is about the best brass made for that caliber. IMHO, heads above the rest.
In the 280AI I have found the brass to be better than anything else I have tried. Sure beats fire forming and found it to be very symetrical. I started with Norma 280 Rem brass fire forming etc.. The Nosler was hands down far more uniform and have been through 6 firings to date.
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