How good are the Tikka rifles?


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Feb 7, 2008
Sonoma County, CA
A friend of mine is looking for a 300 WM. He's not into long range hunting, at least not yet. He has been looking at Remingtons for the most part, but he was at a local sport shop the other day and this Tikka T-3 Liteweight stainless rifle caught his eye. What are some of the pros and cons of the Tikka rifles? Any help would be appreciated.
tikka rifles come with a 3-shot sub 1" guarantee. i have t-3's in both .270 and .308 and have been extremely well pleased. excellent triggers as well: obviously depends on your application, but you'll have a tough time getting a better rifle for the money.
I have two Tikka T3 Varmints, .223 & 6.5x55. I chose the T3 for the following reasons.
Did not wish to outlay a lot of money on my 1st centre fire rifle purchases.
Come in left handed bolt.
Out of box accuracy reputation was good.
Smooth bolt travel and feeding from magazine.
Trigger pull is crisp and can be adjusted easily.
Optional set trigger - I have set triggers on both rifles.

I did have a T3 - Lite .223 but traded it in for the heavier Varmint model which suits my preferred prone or seated shooting positions. The Lite and Varmint are essentially the same rifles with the Varmint having a heavier and longer barrel plus a screwed on cheek piece and forend which increases the weight from 6.25lb to 8.0lb. I have been using these rifles for 6 months and put 300 - 400 rounds through each. The quality of finish on both rifles is very good. I replaced the recoil pad on the 6.5x55 with a Limb Saver and also added a DE cheek piece. These additions have, I believe, assisted me in managing the moderate recoil better. Just this weekend I shot 4 x 5 shot groups with the 6.5x55 ranging from .40" to .52" @ 100yds using 140gr Amax.

All in all I am happy with these rifles. I have not owned or used a Remington so I cannot compare them.

Alot of folks here own Tikka and from what I have read they seem pleased. With Remington go with the Sendaro. As far as the Remington ADL, BDL and other models that are about half the price of the Sendaro it's going to be a roll of the dice on whether you get a shooter or not. Tikka or Sendaro and I don't think you can go wromg.
Thanks guys. I've been stearing him toward a 700, but that's only because that is what I prefer. FIgured I would try and find out about the Tikkas though and he will have something to compare.
I would also look at the Savage 116 Weather Warrior in a light 300WM .

116 should come with accu-trigger, accu-stock and twist on - off muzzle break.

only problems I've had with my tikka's:

stocks are somewhat fragile and very difficult to find replacements

damm clips/mag's are EXPENSIVE !
I own both Tikka and Remington rifles and really like them both. both rifles are excellent rifles. My T3 laminate in 300wsm is a sporter configuration and shoots very well with handloads and certain factory ammo. My remington XCR LRT is an absolute tack driver (308 win). What I do like about Remington is the overwhelming aftermarket support for these actions. The Tikka, well lets just say stuff is limited. Stocks are available from some manufacturers such as Robertson Composites.
Between Tikka and Remington I would take the Tikka hands down. Everything I have put through my T3 243 shoots under 1" at 100 yards. I have not found a smoother handling gun. I like it so much I will be buying another in 30-06 or 300wsm soon. I do not know where guys get the idea that the stock is crap on the Tikka T3. You should not have any problems unless you are hitting it with a hammer? Yes mags are expensive but you only need one and it is fast and easy to reload. I have owned many makes and models over the years and the T3 is the nicest rifle I have ever owned.
I've had a 22-250 tikka 590 for 12 years and use it as my main gun, with a 50mm 3-9 lup' scope. With most off the shelf 55gn it does better than 1/2 " groups. Very smooth to use. The only problem I have had so far is that the barrel channel was too small and our wet weather would make it touch at one point. That rectified its been very reliable. I've got a pall with one 8 years older and its just as good.
From what I've seen the T3 is not as well put together as the design has been "rationalized"; i.e. made cheaper and sold for the same price.
Never owned a Rem, used them but not impressed compared with the Finnish products.
I have a t3 lite in 270 win. It is a great shooter. The first two shots are ALWAYS touching, the 3rd is a hair out opening the group to 1/2".

A good friend owns one is 270 WSM - it is a lites out shooter too.
my 300 wsm does exactly the same thing, First two make on oblong hole and the third goes a .25" right and .25 high.
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