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  • Ernie
    Thankyou for the prompt reply.I will be examining one tomorrow. I do have one very inportant question that concerns me alot. What brand of bullet? I have shot Nosler Partitions for almost 40 years. Reason, They have never failed to fully penetrate an elk. I have never lost an elk usuing them. However I do know that they are not the most accurate bullet at long range, 400-500yrds. In my rifle they shoot .75 -1MOA, but at 400 they open up to 5-7 inches somtimes more. I feel that this is not adequate at 700-800 yrds. I have started using Barnes ttsx. Reading this forum there is alot of talk about the Berger bullets. I have a hard time excepting a bullet that fragments on impact. I have had baD EXPERIENCES in the past with bullets that came apart on impact. I know that at long range accuracy is everything. Im looking for honest info and personel experience. Bob
    I think the Huskemaw is a great choice.
    I appreciate your encouraging words about the article-Thank You!
    Feel free to ask any specific questions you have about the Huskemaw or LR shooting in general. I do not have all the answers, but I have a good resource of friends who help me get answers:)
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