Help with 1st Savage build


Jan 1, 2010
Ft Wainwright, AK
Hi all, 1st time posting! I am planning my 1st savage build, and want to run it by for any and all feedback I can get! I want to build a 308 win on a LA so I can have the ability to switch to 300 win mag in the future.

Action - Either a Savage 112 SS with the Lightweight Accutrigger, or a Stevens 200 and purchase a Timney trigger to replace the Stevens Factory
Barrel - Shilen 22" Bull Contour
Recoil Lug - SS from Northland
Stock - Stockade Stocks Money Saver Woodchuck Stock

Both actions are center feed, would the standard 30-06 CF magazine feed the 308 win cartridges without any issue?

Thanks for any replies!
Sounds like a nice build. Though as mentioned I think you'd be better off with a little longer tube. Maybe the varmint contour in 26". I'd also take a look at sharpshooter supply's competition trigger. I just picked up one of Northlanders lugs and they are indeed very nice. I like the choice in stock as well. I'm looking to get the same thing for my 300wm build. Stockade can do just about any inlet you like as well so don't rule out a DBM. It is a fairly long wait of 15 weeks for the stock but from everything I've seen well worth it. Pretty sure the action will feed fine and the bonus of using the LA is you can seat some very long VLD's. Also if you haven't already hit savage shooters website for lots of great info.
im not sure if a longer tube is needed. think that all the powder will be burnt up by then and the longer tube wont give you much more.but im not 100% sure on that either.
You're pretty much replacing everything but the action....go with the Stevens or find a used donor.

I put a Rifle Basix trigger in mine and it's the nicest trigger pull in my gun rack. I really don't care for the accutrigger.
Thanks for the replies! I think I'm pretty set on the 22" barrel, but I would consider a 24" if it would be worth it. I looked up the specs (on wikipedia) for the 308 and the 30-06, and like I figured the cases were the same diameter. So there should be no problem with the 308 cartridges fitting into the larger magazine, I just don't know if there will be any problems with feeding.
Go with the 24" barrel, a little extra cannot hurt.

Start buying 168 gr AMax or HPBT's....or 175's if so inclined.

Do you reload? Easily pay for a Dillon 550B if you load 1000 rounds of 308.

Cost calculator (buy bullets and powder in bulk!)

Handloading Cost Calculator

If you reload, cost is $355 per 1000 rounds of ammo. If you purchase 1000 rounds, 168 gr Federal Gold Medal is $39 per 20 that would be $1950 per thousand!!!

So....the pricing of components is:

$140 for 8 lb jug of powder
$35 for 1000 primers
$100 for a thousand 1x fired cases
$120 for four 250 packs of 168 AMax

Plus $200 in miscellaneous reloading supplies, $400 for the Dillon, $80 for Dillon dies, etc.....

Thanks for the feedback! I should be fine then because the 308 is the parent cartridge for the 243, as is the 30-06 for the 270. Is your 116 an internal mag, hinged floorplate, or the detachable mag?

since you are wanting a 308 and am gonna get a lug from Northlander, you might as well get one of his Shilen or Mcgowen pre-fit barrels he has in stock. Then you dont have to wait 16 weeks for it.

Ive got 2 McGowen 308's from Jim and they are both lasers, shooting an avg in the mid to high .3's, with many in the .2's.
Jim is a great guy to deal with too, and also has Savage and Stevens actions for sale. Kina like a one-stop shop for what youre looking to do.

heres the link to his inventory.,14194.0.html
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