Help picking caliber for SA .473 bolt face


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Jan 4, 2006
Well, I've just about had enough with a 7-08 I can't get to shoot. It shoots alright at 100, but still 1 1/2"!! Just looking for better I guess. I feel I've tried enough powders, bullets, factory ammo. Just fed up, I still may take it somewhere with a bore scope and see what they see,,,to bad too, its a shilen match on there, was expecting more but who knows the real issue.

Anyway, with that out of the way. I'm looking for a new caliber, or just go back with the 7-08. I guess what I'm looking for is something that will push at least a 120gr at moderate to high velocities.

I've ruled out anything over the 7mm size, I already have a few 30 and aboves. Rifle usage would be for target, maybe sheep, and a winter calling gun, could have a wolf in there (or at least I hope)

But I want to stick with something that will feed out of my standard short action remington 700 with a .473 bolt face.

So far on the list

-maybe .243

And I know I'm missing more, just wanted to know what others are using, any thoughts?
If you want suggestions, please give us some info that can help us, help you:
Distances you want to shoot?
Type of game and distances?
Paper and steel only?
What kind of glass do you have on it currently?
If you want suggestions, please give us some info that can help us, help you:
Distances you want to shoot?
Type of game and distances?
Paper and steel only?
What kind of glass do you have on it currently?

Longest range I have avaliable is 600, would like to start becoming comfortable at this range

Deer sized game, even though right now, its not a distance I would take a shot at, but preformance on game to 600

None of my rifles are target only

looking at the 3.5-10 or 4-16,

Also looking at the 284 as well,,,,,and the 6.5X284 but most people use a long action for this one?

Sounds like you have a short action. Couple more thoughts.
You have a couple of options:
One, stay with a short action cartridge with the limits of your magazine.
Two, put a single-shot follower and turn your rig into a single-shot, then you can use the longer cartridges.

FWIW-I use single-shots almost exclusively and do not feel disadvantaged.
What these guys said:)

I would go single action and 284 after giving it more thought.

I really liked the article and what he was able to do with it.
6.5-284 krieger barrel. my short action is a single shot . my repeater is a long action. both shoot really good. the single shot will shooot less than an inch at two hundred easy.
Another vote for 260. I was gonna say 243 but you said that you might be looking for performance on game out to 600 yards in the future, and that might be a tad bit much depending on the size of game you are talking about. The 6.5mm bullets have killer BC and SD so should make shooting a breeze, even when you start getting out there on distances. Uses a standard 308 bolt face (which is what you have) and you can even use your 7-08 brass, just neck it down....
.260. They seem to be getting very popular lately. My brother in law has a factory Remington and it is a very nice rifle.

+1 for the 260 Remington (It's a 7/08 necked down to 6.5) .

It will fit perfect in your action and you already have brass that can be sized down if you
want to use it.

But I would not give up on the 7/08 because they all seam to shoot well with good barrels
and proper bedding.

I have a load that seems to work in all 7/08s and if you have not tried it please do. It is
49.5 grains of H 414 behind a 120grain Ballistic Tip and a CCI BR2 primer .

If this doesn't work better there must be something a miss with the rifle.

Good luck.

Thanks for all the feedback, if this barrel gets knocked off a 260 tube will go back on.

That said, I think I owe it to the gun to keep working up a load. Additionally I am going to have it recrowned, looks a bit suspect, its just not as smooth as some examples I've seen here. And it covers my bases,,,,,I'm also going to pillar bed, it's already bedded but I figure why not, and really cover my bases.

(to expand on the crown, there are tooling marks, but also right at the rifling there is no chamfer, just cut square, ones I've seen have a small 45 there, sure won't hurt to get it re done)

So far I've just tried 2 bullets, the barnes and nosler Partitions,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I need to feed it some different stuff, nosler BT's in 120 and 140 is where I'll start
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