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There's this thread from July.

Also, why do you want a substitute? H1000 and Retumbo were quite scarce last year, but I have seen, and passed up because I now have plenty, H1000 in stores this year. This summer, Runnings had both H1000 and Retumbo several times I was in there.
Reloader 26..... Enduron 7977....ramshot Magnum... N565........ n570 with heavies. Retumbo with heavies. H4831 in the 300 win

Ramshot lrt if you have really heavy bullet and long barrel.
I can’t seem to find H1000 anywhere.
There's this thread from July.

Also, why do you want a substitute?
What makes for a good H1000 substitute? Looking to load for 300 win mag and 7STW.
I’ve tried RL 26, H1000, RL22, H4831, and Retumbo in my 300WM With a few loads that were “OK” but not really satisfactory. Then I tried Magnum and found what I was looking for. Two distinct nodes, one near max that will go under an inch when I do my part, and one down about 1.5g under max that will do .5 to .75 all day long. Great powder to load too.....burns clean, meters like water, and not really very sensitive to temperatures.
I switched to RL26 in my 300WM with great results. I have a lot of H1000, but it is my go to for several other cartridges. Haven’t seen H1000 in several months and RL26 is generally available locally. RL26 and H1000 are almost identical in burn rate, at least as “close as possible” and both temp stable.
Have you seen this? Most recent and complete burn rate chart I’ve seen to date. Interesting note is it differs from the old color coded one. Haven’t analyzed it carefully but RL25 jumped out at me. I see reloader 25 is actually slower than H1000 on this chart. Don’t know how accurate that is as the old chart had it faster. According to this chart RL25 and 26 bracket Retumbo.


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