Got it done at 1,260 yards

I'm not worried about the ballistics part of it, I'm curious about the kind of damage it did to the animal at that distance. Did it hit bone? What did the insides look like? How big was the exit hole? Stuff like that.
First shot winged him I found out later. He was going left, turning away, and looked back. Tiny entrance wound behind the ribs around 12" from spine. Shot was a 35 degree angle so it exited on the other side. I wasn't there for the skinning, but I'll say as in the video, he broke down like a lawn chair on the second shot, didn't take a step. Those Badlands Bulldozer bullets are the ****, devastating damage
Great story on both animals.
Now I have to shoot an Aoudad on my DiL's Daddy ranch in TX with my 6.5 SAUM.
Inside 500 yards, of course.
I'm not worthy, Doug!
I practiced a lot out to 1,200 yards, so if you put in the range time and get comfortable with your dope chart it can be done. Also, better to be lucky than good any day 😜