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  • Hi Greg,

    Just wondering what the feedback has been on the 6.5mm Fatso?

    I'm currently running a 6.5mm SAUM and pushing the 140 Berger Hunting VLD's to 3100 using 62.5grs Retumbo out of a Remington 700 (using the Wyatts extended box mag). I'm presuming that Retumbo would still work in the 6.5mm Fatso?

    Keen to get your advice on the cartridge and brass forming (I read your article on the 7mm Fatso) and what performance you get from a 24 inch barrel. I'm currently running a criterion 1:8 twist

    I have a contact in the US who is bringing me down a quantity of 160gr Matrix Hunting VLD's which I'm going to start load development for in the SAUM when they arrive (eventually!) and if I go ahead with the 6.5mm Fatso they would be perfect.


    Hey NZ, I'm am about to pull the trigger on ordering either the Leica Geovids or the Zeiss RF's. What has been your experience with the Zeiss'? Have you had any exposure to the Geovids? Any pros and cons would help in my descision. Thanks so much.....

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