Gibbs rifle build


Dec 24, 2008
Kimberly, Idaho
Howdy yall,

I'm thinking about throwing together a rifle in one of gibbs wildcats mainly because I want to delve into the 30-06 wildcats a little bit more and I'm a lil sick of wsm's at the moment (not saying I don't love them) mostly because everybody and their brother has a wsm. So I figured I go old school with my next wildcat.

So anyway I'm probably gonna use a pac-nor barrel. I want to use a nice wood stock and I know where to find that my problem is the action. I'm looking for a good inexpensive under $700 controlled round feed action. So far I've looked at the cz550 and the montana1999. Where else can I look for an action for my build.

Thanks for the help.
I'm working on building an 8mm Gibbs at the moment. Building it on an old Turk Mauser action. I want to reload for it and I've got a ton of .270 brass to use. I was going to just do a 8-06 but decided I might as well go big while I'm doing it. As long as I do the work myself it's a wash to convert it and reload or to buy all the brass and reload. I'm just going to ream out a 30-06 die set with the barrel reamer so dies will be cheaper than buying the 8x57, not to mention I don't have to buy any brass this way.

I've heard better things about the Montana action lately. Sounds like they got the feeding problem that people were complaining about when they were first coming out fixed and they're doing well.

correct me if I'm wrong but don't you have to use special scope bases for the CZ action?

Keep us posted!

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