gentry brakes?


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Oct 10, 2002
Does anyone have thoughts or suggestions about the gentry quiet muzzle brake. I am considering it for my 7mm mag.
I would also welcome feedback on kdf brakes, or other brakes that work well for you guys.
I've got a Vias brake on both my .300 Ultra Mag and on my heavy barreled .338 Ultra Mag. The recoil on the .338 is reduced down to less than a 7MM Mag, and when I shot a few rounds thru it on a recent elk hunt without any ear protection it didn't affect my hearing any more than would be expected from firing a .270.
I have used two Vias brakes and loved their performance on recoil reduction but the one time I fired my 300 Ultra without putting my headphones back on (forgot) I thought I had permanently damaged my hearing. I have hunted all my life without 'ears' on but I would not consider shooting this w/o them.
Gentrys work I have one on a 7mag works fine. I had a Vias on another rifle they both work great. The quite brake is it the one that you can close the ports?? I shot a Savage that had a brake like that. If I remeber right it shot higher when the ports where closed then when opened?? Not sure why. Not sure if you can believe that August guy
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