Free Leupold rings with any Leupold scope


Oct 28, 2010
Hi, all. I'm not a new member here, but I haven't posted much at all. Now I'm a sponsor.

I'm having a November special on Leupold scopes. You get a free set of Leupold standard rings with the purchase of any Leupold scope, and a free set of Mark 4 rings with any Mark 4 scope. Some scopes also qualify for a free Lens Pen.

I show only 16 scopes on the Leupold page right now, but I'm adding more. My distributor carries pretty much all of the popular models, so PM me or email me if there's a model you're looking for. Call toll-free at 1-877-327-2519, too. We can dicker on price on certain models. Shipping is 2-3 day Priority Mail.

Thanks for looking.