First LR-kill: 415 yards


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Feb 5, 2004
Recently got my first LR-kill. Desided to go for a small target. Dont know the english name, but the size of it is about a duck. Measured 415 yards. My first LR-shot. 40 grs. v-max in 22-250 with a Zeiss Conquest 6,5-20x50 - bipod. One-shot, direct hit. Vind was straight in front to me.

Incredible fun and satisfying that the ballistic chart did in fact match the clicks at that range.

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Good show!!

You realise of course, the addiction of the discipline has a greater hold now than ever before!

Again, congrats, and shoot well.

Congrats on your shot! The distance you mentioned caused me to think again about my elk hunt this past November. I hunt with a specialty handgun (Rem. XP-100) in 7.82 Patriot. With the use of Leica rangefinder, Exbal software, chronograph, with a 180 grain SGK @ 2785 FPS from the muzzle, I was able to make a clean shot on a cow elk @ 416 yards. I was prone shooting off my pack, with my hunting buddy Steve Hugel right behind me spotting for me. It is not my longest shot on an elk with a specialty handgun, but my most satisfying one.
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